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  1. I had no luck with DB electrical starters. The first one I got from them for my 140hp Mercruiser blew the gears out within 2 weeks, they sent a replacement and within 4 months the new one went out too. They were both Chinese made and not worth the time and effort to try a third one. I went back to the original OEM starter and haven't had a problem since.
  2. Have Direct too, too bad it wasn't carried on their channel line up as I would enjoy watching it. Have done a lot of fishing in Traverse City, good fishing and a beautiful area. My avatar pic is from Elmwood Marina west bay Traverse.
  3. Yes the side cabin windows are done with the automotive film. I dismantled the windows out of their frames and applied it. The front cabin window was made from smoked acrylic glass. It sure helps keep it cooler inside the cabin.
  4. I am looking to build an arch with forward extension so I can add a vinyl removable top. I plan to add a drop from the extension to somewhere near the front windshield not only for support but to add the reels there. This will give me easy access to the reels from the helm. Remember though, the further forward you run the riggers the more prone they can be to be swayed under the boat and into the prop either by large waves or currents. Best bet to keep them back.
  5. First off great price on the Chieftain. I too have a 72 24' Chieftain that I completely restored. It took me 2 years to complete and was finished in August this past year but well worth the wait. Before and after pics: I have her outfitted with 4 downriggers mounted to the boat on a board via Eagle Feet. The manuals have since been replaced with electrics. I run a dual planer mast off the bow. I deploy the boards through the front hatch although it is a tight fit. I plan on mounting the reels toward the windshield to alleviate that. I have 2 sets of rod holders mounted on the gunwales for the planer rods. I am sure you will love the boat as she has a lot of room and can handle some water. Good luck with her and lets see some pics. A brief version of my rebuild can be found here: http://forums.iboats.com/forum/boat-repair-and-restoration/completed-boat-projects/8996487-1972-starcraft-chieftain-restoration
  6. It is the flex. Plenty stiff enough to go through bones and scales yet flexible enough to get the ribs out.
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