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  1. Niether. A wire dipsey is a must.
  2. My green tiger always goes on the starboard side for the same reason as Great Gazoo's. It also has black.
  3. Switiched from Blacks to Chamberlain. Shakers don't have a chance with the Chamberlain. We have balls on the back and pancakes on the booms. I would prefer to have all balls.
  4. I bought a wire rod with the features you are looking for, at the price you want, from Tony. It is my favorite and absolutely love the rod. It is one of those things I own to be categorized in my will.
  5. No single manufacturer stands above the rest. They each have a spoon I have in my arsenal and can not be substituted by another. How about a list of makers and survey which spoon they make is your favorite and under what conditions?
  6. Currently have big jons with lots of years in service, can't complain they have been great and will need to be replaced. Thinking of Vectors if only they would finish what they started, hint...hint, if your listening.
  7. No sputtering. The problem is during cruising speed, trolling is smooth.
  8. My friend has a 1994 5.0 MerCruiser with 2400 hours. I noticed earilier in the season while at cruising speed the rpms were dropping off, picking back up and consistantly repeating the process. I wasn't getting much respect from the others, especially on the way out if you know what I mean. By the end of the season, the symptom is definitely noticable to everyone and viewable on the tach. It would start out at 3300 on quickly dropoff to 2500 and back up. I can think of three problems of which two are valid. Problem #1 - bad gas (not likely, 20+ gallons added every week) #2 - carborator rebuild (probable) #3 - gas filter (highly likely. If you know my friend he's a "if it ain't broke, don't need fix'n") Any thoughts or ideas you guys might have would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Spoons: Fishlander - electric koolaid, Baker's Dozen - glow camo, SS - blue dolphin, DW - hot lobster Flasher - Jalensky's custom hotspots Flies - all hand tied, my favorite is an all little boy blue w/ clear fauceted glass beads aka "Pappa Pablo" and my version of Northwesten w/ ITO glow purple beads.
  10. Do not test your flames. Some guy did that a couple of years back and was arrested for a false distress call, the law is funny about the over here. Besides, there is also a fire hazard.
  11. Waukegan Habor, Il, wide open water but the launches were destroyed from the winter storms. Should be completely replaced in 3 weeks minimun.
  12. My first boat was totaled while waiting at a red light just after sunset. The driver was on her cell phone. Any chance these LEDs can text to her LCD to "STOP" message next time?
  13. Not crazy about the chip. How do you know when it stops working. The pro troll fin is of value, go as slow as you want and it will rotate when others won't.
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