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  1. Make sure your hooks are sticky sharp. Gotta get the hooks in em good to keep em on....Also, sometimes if you get into a batch of coho they can drive you mad.
  2. Good deal. Thats what this site is about. People helping people...Nicely done.
  3. Thats what its all about. Thanks for sharing your day with us....Good stuff.
  4. Thanks for the report Ed...Looks like Tuesday Monday or tuesday im heading that way.
  5. I dont think it matters personally. Ive done well on anything from plain lead, black, green, orange, chrome, shiny reflector tape, no tape, coated non coated. As mentioned above, its a delievery devise, not the main attraction. Coated black is my preference though if i had to choose one. I agree with the above, its the delivery devise, not the main event. So, having them look at what you want them to bite isnt a bad thing.
  6. I agree, never hook onto the core itself. For best results you need to dedicate each rod to x amount of colors. No matter what length core or copper i have, i always back it with Power Pro and put on a 30' section of mono between the braid and copper/core simply for attaching to the board as mono is more forgiving on the releases and the releass flat out grip better to mono. This allows me to have flexibility when setting my lines. I can hook on just after the core/copper, 10' past, 20' past 30' past the core/copper to fine tune depth some. Ive seen days where that subtle difference makes the difference too. Lastly, if your lead core gets damaged say, in the middle, all is not lost. You do not have to scrap the core and use it as two new segments. You can simply splice in a piece of 30# power pro and your back in action. Use a double Willis knot and your good to go. I have a ten color with a splice in it cause a king screwed it up. Never had an issue with it fishing this way.
  7. Put some meat on, thatll help too!
  8. Holland Tangled Mess Profischient Charters Ludington Raptor Encore Manistee Trout Scout Riverside Reel Pleasure Cant go wrong with any of them.
  9. I agree with Capt. Ed. Shop around, you can do better than that. And you dont need a bridge boat. They catch too much wind docking anyhow.
  10. I tend to use chromes and greens. No preference though. I use them cause they have the snubbers on them and have not had to change.
  11. Beautiful walleye. Im really surprised noone has nailed down a good way to get them big lake beasts all year. Probably just no one tries
  12. Never fished or rode on one, but they look like an awesome boat.
  13. I usually just sharpen, but did have a batch of moonshines once that the hook point was so pitiful it was visually not sharp. I put them in the round file and put on new.
  14. Keep on em Matt. Hard to argue with the succsess of meat lately. ON FIRE is putting it lightly.
  15. Dang, thats a bummer. I lost a spoon the other day to a rambunctious steelhead with my mom on the rod. He went under the starboard rigger over the diver then came back out the same way he came and got into the port side rigger in about 3 seconds. I grabbed the line, got the net under him just as it snapped. Got the fish and main line spoon, but my Elberta Clipper Free Slider and Standard U of M frog is long gone....lol...Not so bad compared to you cats...OUCH
  16. Yeah, it was a great time with my mom and dad as always. My mom had me rolling complaining about "those damn copper lines" with angry fish on them. I told her to quit whining and keep reeling, she can take a break when the fish is in the boat...Her response, i brought you into this world, i can take you out too!!!...LMAO
  17. I just use a stone. Sharpen after each session. The key is to keep the knife sharp, not use it until its dull. Cause once there you have some work to do to get it functional again.
  18. So its still rockin offshore then eh? Glad to hear it. Those big kings are fun, but those jumping steel and scrappy ho's sure are fun too! And it sure is nice to let the boat drive!!!
  19. Nicely done...Is your boat name nut n ez or something like that? I think you were in front of us heading out of the municipal one afternoon.
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