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  1. Its personal preference if you ask me if you tie direct or not to either. If you tie direct to a regular silver horde it will allow the plug to slide up onto your line if your fighting a fish as another poster said. I have duo-lock snap swivels on all my rods because i run a variety of baits-spoons, plugs, flasher/flies on those rods, so i dont cut them off when i run plugs and its always worked.....Its personal preference if you ask me.
  2. A draw back to segmented core is your in the rod guides and the HUGE bow in the line from rod tip to board.
  3. Nice job Tom. You sure are giving that new boat a workout...Atta boy!!!
  4. I like ebay too, have bought a ton of items there, but ive seen some used items bid up higher than what i can buy them new at the store for...Thats the mongrels im talking about. I think they do it for the thrill of the win!
  5. Ive never understood the need to tie direct to plugs. Particularly on traditional plugs there is a bead chain that runs through the plug. The plug rotates back and forth on the axis of the bead chain to get its action. How does tying direct vs. using a duolock change the performance of the lure? Only thing it doesnt allow is the plug to slide up the line, which i really dont care if it does or not. This cant occure on the Ace Hi's and i see no drastic effects of hook up to land ratios because of it. Also, what is the advantage to tying a loop knot to an Ace Hi? If you think about it the pivot point for lure action is between the brass ring and the tab extending from the front of the plug. So I guess, ive never understood the need to tie direct with a loop knot when you can accomplish the same thing with a duolock snap...and you dont have to retie constantly if you wanna change color or lure type.. I know more people who use a duolock than tie direct by a long shot. Seems to put allot of fish in the boat too.
  6. I like several rods for the reasons mentioned above plus i can adjust the amount of backer i want beyond the core. i can clip just past the core if i wish, 10', 30', 50' past.
  7. That is by far one of the most popular and reliable reels used by walleye fisherman all time. They run around $85 brand new. I think around $60 tops in used working condition unless you put it up for the mongrels on Ebay to fight over. Might as well fix it and put it to use or part it out.
  8. I pretty much run Ace Hi plugs and i hook mine on with a Duo Lock snap. You can run plugs in your spread anywhere youd like. Ive always had my best luck with them on core and copper, but have also taken plenty off Riggers and dipseys. My favorite place is on the long lines though. Green Splatter back, Blue Splatter Back, Green Ladder Back, Wonder Bread Glow are some of my favorites.
  9. Sounds good Tony. How has your Elbow come along since that infection?
  10. Thanks Steve. Keeping a boat clean is an absolute chore. Takes all day to make em look like that and about an hour to destroy em....lol Right now we have tennative plans for the 22nd to be in Ludington. Im hoping the fishing is going by then up that way, if not we may hold off. Long ways to go with the dismal reports up there at this point. This north wind should help get things started though!
  11. So true Frank. Youd be hard pressed to find a nicer guy than Nels. I cant wait for WFW 2012!
  12. Ive never done that and never have had an issue with the line digging in. The key is to spool it on tightly. I put it on as tight as i can and then when i get out i let out most of the line with a drop ball, small dispey etc and wind it back on. That ensures its very tight on the reel. After that it should be good to go. Also, when in the holder, i set my drags so they just creep on a surge of a wave or a big strike.That takes the stress off the rod blank and butt as well as the reel
  13. Gotta love buy it now and free shipping!!!
  14. I agree with the others, sounds like a respool is in order. Gotta keep that wire taut when handling and spooled tightly. Otherwise youll have back lash or kinking issues. I like to put short piece of surgical tube and a bead, then a short piece of small surgical tube on the wire and then tie on the swivel. Then you can just reel it up to the tip and everythign stays nice and tight. Dont forget to go over this with guests or they can easily toast your expensive set ups. This knot works great, have never had it fail ever http://www.lotsa.org/Wire%20Line%20Knot.htm
  15. Try Franks Great Outdoors in Linwood. They have a ton of rod holders. 989-697-5341 or www.franksgreatoutdoors.com I know theyre current redoing their web page, so it might be better to call and tell them what your after.
  16. I usually just go to West Marine and get mine. Pricier yes, but convenient for me and i have it today. Shop around for the best price you can find, but dont buy a low quality antenna. A good antenna is what makes your communications happen. Ive had this antenna for several years now and its served me well. I see the price is down about $18 from when i got mine. Theyre currently $182 at West Marine, although, i did get a killer deal on mine for $100 when they had a sale. Just browsing briefly online i found them for around $125-$140. Not sure about shipping costs, but im sure it aint purdy with the length. Shakespeare 5225-FLT Galaxy Eliminator http://www.westmarine.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10001&storeId=11151&partNumber=1185479&langId=-1 Good luck whatever way you go.
  17. Damn....thanks for the warning there Ed.
  18. Thats exactly what happened with mine. The little keeper popped off and the one valve wasnt pumping. Its a terrible design IMO.
  19. Happy birthday Terry...Another year closer to your AARP card!
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