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  1. Musta been too cold and scattered it then. I seen some 58* surface water, so id imagine she was quite chilly not to far down in the water column.
  2. Great job. I love those project boats. Great feeling when you get it all done.
  3. Yep...if they have the parts. I had mine for many years and that model was discontinued and there were not parts available...so i was told.
  4. Just checked the map...Ice cold all along the shore from Lud to the big point. If it calms down, someone should be able to take advantage!
  5. Welcome aboard and fire away on the questions. LOTS of experienced anglers on here willing to help a brother out. Good luck on the water.
  6. Nice job....Seems "mayhem" was getting around to more than us....lol Glad everything worked out for the better.
  7. With 200 yds of 40# Power Pro you can get on a 200' 32# Blood Run Copper on that reel.
  8. Yeah, their site needs a BIG overhaul. So many colors that arent listed on there Panty Ho http://www.gloutdoors.com/pantyho.aspx
  9. Yeah, i hear that steve. Lotta water over there and its tough to get it figured out in a couple days.
  10. Nice work Jeremy. Hopefully them fish will get closer to Ludington as it seems you gotta go for a bit of a ride to get into some consistant fishing.
  11. Sounds like some good eats..thanks
  12. Nice job, the fishing sure has been good up there for those heading out that way...quality fish too. Keep on em!
  13. So far a pretty similar pattern developing!!!
  14. Those Kings are hard enough to wrangle with two people, let alone solo..Nice job.
  15. A couple of my favs and also what i would consider a midday/non glow spoon as well. Spoons like that are precisely what im interested in as opposed to the solid glows and super glows.
  16. Just sitting around here bored tonight wishing i was on the west side after the fun weekend we had. I know everyone is all hyped up on glow spoons and for good reason, but once it gets light out, whats your favorite(s) non glow spoon for kings? Always interesting to see the responses.
  17. I loved my Costas till i sat on them and busted em. Gotta get another pair. The cheapies suck! Just like buying a scope, the more you spend the better the quality. My costas were the best glasses i ever wore. No head ache from the sun, you can see in the water...good stuff.
  18. I usually go heavier on the back end, so ill say 40# for 32# CU and 50# for 45# CU. Power Pro is some tuff stuff though, and im sure the 30# will do just fine as the others suggested.
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