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  1. Fished Ludington over the weekend. Our trip started at 9 am on Friday morning leaving home. Got just past Chase and i see smoke rolling off the wheel on the trailer. Pull over and the bearing is toast. So, not knowing where to get any parts in that area i call a towing service. Anyhow, 4 hours later, and not the right stuff, but am on the road again. Check the bearing every 4 miles and regreased every 10. Made it the 40 miles to Ludington. Buddy obtained the right stuff in Kawkawlin and brought it over with his boat when he made the trip Friday night...Thanks Terry and Laura! So, anyhow, head out Saturday morning and went to the north in like 50' of water. Pretty much never left that area all day. Ended up 8 for 9 in there. Released a small coho, got a couple lakers and the rest were Kings from the mid teens up to 20.7#. Got our fish on 2,3,5 color lead, 200' of 32# Blood Run copper. Also riggers 25-35' down with long leads. Used standards, super slims and plugs. Green Dolphin, Raspberry Carbon, Silver Flounder, fireball w/earrings, steelie stomper, and an Ace Hi Green Splatter back. North troll was definitely best for us. Worked hard for our fish on Saturday, so we decided to change it up on Sunday morning. Started strait out. Stopped in 40' and there was fish and bait so we set up. Had a fish hit when i was letting out the 5 color, but it got off pretty quickly. Then nothing until about 60' when i lost a screamer on a 5 color and Raspberry Carbon. Right after we got a nice king on a 5 color with an Ace Hi Green Splatter back. Turned around and went back and the fish were gone. So, we pointed it west and made a troll out to about 150' Changed things up, putting out a spread of 32# Blood run in 200-300' segments and ran short core on the other side. Changed the riggers all over the place, fixed and free sliders, divers, high low and everywhere in between. Doesnt matter much though when you cant find any fish. Hit one steelhead on a free slider with a jawbreaker with the rigger set at 65' over 140' of water. Other than that, it was dead for us. Finished the morning 2 for 4 before heading home. The farther west we went the warmer the water got and the less fish we found. Probably didnt go far enough west...Ah well, thats fishing. Outside the wheel bearing, it was a beautiful weekend on the water and we got some real nice salmon. Cant wait to get back over to the gold coast! Didnt take many pics, but heres a few from our trip
  2. Well, despite the tough fishing, im going in as an optimist...Its gotta happen and it might as well start tomorrow afternoon!!!
  3. Im headed over there tomorrow about 9ish. Will get out tomorrow afternoon and will fish through Sunday midday before returning home.
  4. I spool my Daiwa SG47LC's with 30# 7 strand wire. It fills the spool completely. I put some tape on the reel arbor then some braid and do an albright to the wire and then spool up. The braid is just a few feet, then its all wire.
  5. Thanks for the report Tony. Heading over tomorrow. I hope we can get after em.
  6. No i would not. Too far of a lead between your release and your lure. Also, the slider woudl get hung on the not at the backer core connection. Also, with a fish yanking on it, itd probably break the lead and chaff the sheathing....no, i would not recommend it
  7. 5 color and a mixed veggies or a yeck fireball with earrings. The fireball is deadly on kings as well IME.
  8. Unbelievable. Started out with the 27 in the ladies tournament in Ludington, then the splash had a 27 and 29, a 32 in Ludington and now a 34 in stee...Will there be a 40 in another month? Im seriously considering respooling my rigger rods to 25#!
  9. If you follow dirty dogs postings at all he is constantly taking fish on 150,200,250 32# blood run copper with various spoons. IMO, any of those would be a fine addition...As far as reel size, heres a few references. I put 200 yds of 40# power pro and 200' of 32# BL on a Daiwa 47 size reel. Fits about perfectly. I have a 250' on a Penn 330 with the same backer and then a 300' 32# on a 700 tekota. I have a 300' 45# on a 340 with 300 yds of 50# Power Pro.
  10. Thanks for the report. Id take a 10 fish average any day of the week!
  11. I run both church and offshores. I run offshore for walleye and the churches for salmon. That said, i have used both on big coppers and IMO, both work, but are really starting to get overtaken by those 300'+ 45# coppers as they lag back considerably. And i must not be the only one thats not liking that as since the popularity of copper and big coppers has increased youve seen larger boards come into the market place to tow them better. Z-Boards and now Church has come out with a bigger one to accommodate them . Im gonna get some of these larger boards just for these lines to hopefully counter act that lag back....besides, what another 4 or 6 when you already own close to 40...lol
  12. Nice job Mr. Nailer...is that a thin fish on the left?
  13. Thanks for the report on the tournament and the fishing. Very encouraging for Lake Huron anglers....If a mixed bag like that dont get your blood pumping, then you must be dead!!!! AWESOME
  14. mmmmm sometimes...others, theres no avoiding them!!!
  15. Ive heard guys using their Thermacells with some success. I cannot confirm nor deny its effectiveness
  16. I can tell you if you use it primarily on Saginaw Bay do not get the Lakemaster Chip. Has lots of missing detail and some of the cartography is way off. The lakemaster version does not have the black hole, the break with all hte fingers west of the shipping channel, the catfish hole is off, the old river channel is off, doesnt show the gravel bar around the crib area. It does have allot of the other breaks, humps etc on it and worked pretty well, i just was shocked to see some of the stuff thats off and not there. It does however have 85 inland lakes with detail i believe. The map is a pretty good bang for your buck. I think i paid 100 for mine at reeds in minnesota purchasing online. Fishing Hot Spots is tough to beat for the bay itself, but im not sure if they offer one with other inland lakes. Garmin also has the Blue Charts and Blue Chart Vision Maps. You can look them up on their webite to see the kind of coverage along with examples of the lake.
  17. Im with ya Mike. I dont feel sorry for them in the least. All they see is $$$ signs. I say they should ban having asian carp totally to help the irradication process. Just like Michigan has done with wild boar. What a mess thats become as well. And last i checked theres a strong catfish market and they grow a ton of em in ponds. Id quit b***hing and get to stocking!!!!
  18. On tough days or when fish seem to be scattered, i think a good approach is to run a huge spread with baits high, low and everywhere in between. Kick the speed up and cover some ground to maximize your lures exposure to as many fish as possible. Sometimes, it dont matter what you do, its just not gonna happen.
  19. If the handle dont turn it sounds like you toasted some gears inside and its bound up in there. Id take it apart and see whats up. If your not comfortable doing that, then Tuna Tom is an bet.....I also agree with Nick, its tough to beat the Sealine series, but im not sure what your running.
  20. You need to fish with my Dad Ken!
  21. Funny how you can get in a funk and the fish seem to come unbottoned everytime you handle the rod. We had that on our boat last week with my neighbor....And good luck with the razzing, im sure the wife will let you know she went 2 or 2 and you went 0 for 5...lol
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