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  1. I just saw this on another site and thought id post it here. Got this off of John Kings website! Special Net Warning: Friday's blow has caused the lose of the nets in the 11s thru the 15s. The tribal fishers has lost these nets for the time being and no body knows where these lost nets are. This is a tough lesson for netters and make a bad situation into a dangerous one for all sport fishermen!
  2. I saw that too, its just sickening!...nothing worse than a thief.
  3. I hear ya Dan. Its nice to see the originals are back. I just wish they'd bring the 3/8 rattlers back too. Why that bait went by the wayside and others have stuck is beyond me. Theyre walleye catchin machines! My top crank on the bay BAR NONE!
  4. Washdowns are a nice addition to the boat. They definitely make clearing out the slime and blood a breeze. As said, theyre super easy to install. I already had a pick up for my livewell, so i just put a "T" on and plumbed it to the pump from there. If im using my livewell for walleyes, i just shut it down when using the washdown pump. My pump doesnt have tons of pressure, but getting from my buddy for free, you wont hear me complain too much;)...I also added a quick change connector to my hose so i can remove it quickly and easily if need be.
  5. Day in day out my diver rods get it done. I run both wire and braid and usually one or both are poppin. I run mostly SD's w/flies on them, but do run spoons and plugs behind them as well. Hottest rig of the year is a toss up between a Mnt. Dew Glow Blade SD w/Glow Bloody nose fly and a Blue Dbl. Pearl Glow SD w/Glow Blue Chaos fly. They flat hammered the fish on the high and low divers. NBK w/Green Mirage fly was next in line. Next is leadcore. 3,5, and 10 color work well for me. Ive done well on plugs, spoons and flasher/fly combos on those as well. As of late the green glow ladder back and glow wonderbread ace high plugs have been great on core. Riggers are last but not least, they account for some of my catch every trip. Just like anything, they have good and bad days. This year my hottest spoons were the size 2 Fishlander UG Green Froggy and the Mag Blue Flounder from Moonshine.
  6. I agree, theyre fish catching machines, the hooks are just terribly dull. Never doubted their ability to draw a strike. They flat out work!...Ive had allot of succsess with the Fishlander Ultra Glow spoons as well. They glow great and catch us allot of fish. The size 2 UG Green Froggy is one of my Favorites....The UG Blueberry muffin in the same size off the dipsey is killer too.
  7. I have different rods/reels for each core set up that i have. I do this so the the dacron sheath and lead core doesnt wear or kink at the rod tip when trolling. When i set up my rods i have 250-300 yds of 30# PP backer. Because of its thin diameter i can get more on a reel, compared to mono or dacron of similar # test. Next i add in a 50' section of 30# mono for attaching the board and letting the core get down, then "X" amount of colors, then a 40' leader of 25# mono or fluorocarbon leader. Youll notice that i started at 30# and went down to 25#. I do this so that if i break something, hopefully its the leader and not the core or backer. IMHO losing a lure or flasher/fly/spoon/etc...is better than losing the core or backer....As far as reels, i run Penns....320 GTi's for 2-5 color and 330's for 7-10 color. For my rods i run 10' dipsey rods. When i let it out i let our all the core and some or all of the mono backer. No matter how much mono i let out i always attach the board to the mono. The mono does a few things. It holds well in the inline board release, doesnt saw the rear pin in half on the back of my walleye boards, and it allows me to slightly adjust the depth of my core. Because I have 50' of mono to play with I can also vary the amount of mono backer out and manipulate the depth slightly. Works for me.....Good luck
  8. Heres some slideshows from our trip: http://s35.photobucket.com/albums/d179/adam_bomb81/Last%20trip%20to%20Ludington/?action=view&current=8b947bb7.pbw http://s35.photobucket.com/albums/d179/adam_bomb81/Last%20trip%20to%20Ludington/?action=view&current=065b6c08.pbw
  9. Fished Ludington the evening of the 29th. We were fishing well away from the crowds and things were slow. Shortly before we were going to pull lines we found some fish. Went 1 for 4 and headed in to get rested up for the morning bite. Our buddy called us and 3 guys backed out on him, so he wanted to fish with us. Nice timing since he'd already pulled his boat to Ludington from Waterford!....Anyhow, we welcomed him to fish with us. Friday morning we ran out to where we finished up Thurs. night and set up. It wasnt long and things started poppin. By 8:30 am we went 13 for 17. We brought in our 3 man limit of kings, a coho and nice steelhead. After we got in on Friday we helped Kurt slip his boat at the municiple marina. After making some calls he lined up some crew and invited us along for the afternoon fish. We headed out to 200 fow and set up..nothing. As it got closer to the witchin' hour we moved in to where we'd finished the morning. Once we got there the fish started going. Finished the evening 8 for 12...7 Kings and a small steelhead. Saturday morning Dad and i headed out to the stomping grounds. After a slow start we found a few fish and then had another lull. Once we figured out which way our fish moved things were poppin again. We boxed our limit of kings and had a very acrobatic steelhead by 7:30 am. Man did that thing crank the dipsey rod!! After jumping at least 10 times and going ape sh** we boated it. It weighed 12.5#...what a beautiful fish. Finsihed the morning 7 for 11....That was the last trip before heading home. We fished south starting just north of the Projects in 75-100 fow and as the sun was coming up moved south and west into 120-140 fow to keep things going. I dont have a probe, but there must have been a break at the 50-55' mark as the cannon balls were steaming up when i brought them in from that depth...Best speed was 2.2-2.4 S.O.G.(GPS)....Stay away from the crowds...never had a boat less than 3/4 of a mile from us other than Thurs. when we were "hunting" for fish. Riggers 50-85 down, 30-50 back....Moonshine Blue Flounder Pounder, Carbon 14; Fishlander UG Green Froggy, Silver Horde Dbl. Crushed Glow Rattlin' Plug. Dipseys(#1's w/small rings) Low Wire 95-145, High Braid 115-150-Dbl. Crush Glow SD w/Glow Mnt. Dew Fly or Blue Glow Bugeye fly, Mnt. Dew Glow Blade SD w/Glow Bloody Nose Fly, Blue Dbl. Pearl Glow SD w/Glow Blue Chaos Fly, and NBK SD w/Green Mirage Fly. Leadcore-3,5 and 10 color-Green Glow Black Ladderback Rattlin' Silver Horde, Silver Horde Ace High Glow Wonderbread, Moonshine Flounder Pounder, Dreamweaver Mag Super Glow Hot Dolphin were best. Good Luck when ya get out.
  10. I just bought a half dozen moonshine spoons and the hooks are extremely dull. for $6.50+ i shouldnt have to replace the hooks before the bait sees the water.
  11. Varies.....id say the average is 20-30 miles though.
  12. Tony, Thursday night wasnt great for us. Ended up 1 for 4. We found some fish just before we headed in. Friday morning we headed out to that area and went 13 for 17 by 8:30 am. Friday night we fished a couple hours on our buddies boat once his crew showed up and went 8 for 12. Saturday morning it was just Dad and i. We had our limit of Kings and a bonus 12 1/2# steelhead by 7:30 am. After that we pulled lines and headed in, loaded the boat and pulled her home. Dv8oR, Sorry, i just had to let ya know what ya missed out on!....It sure is a great fishery...although this is the case, i miss the days of old....Just something about catching 5# average fish with plenty of giants mixed in....Theyre few and far between now a days....Heck it used to take 40# to win, then went to 30...now we're at 18-25# to win....We need a bait rebound in a big way....for both the walleyes and the salmon/trout of huron.
  13. Im leaving for Ludington in the morning. Just wanted to wish everyone a great weekend before i go....will report back when i get home. Terry, Good luck with the bruins and the marble eyes, i hope ya whack em both.
  14. Dv8oR, You should have come over, you missed one hell of a summer. The fishing was phenominal. The July lull of the prior two seasons didnt happen this year. We had just enough hard NE winds mixed in to keep the temps tolerable, just as they were getting out of hand.....Boated well over 1000 fish this year from May-July. The size is getting a bit better, lots of 17-22" fish in the system...next year should be awesome....Winter will be a hoot as well....if we get ice.
  15. Im heading to Ludington tomorrow and Friday. Im gonna fish both days and then haul the boat back home. After i get the boat unhooked and get repacked im headed up north to our deer camp for the weekend. Should be nice and quiet up there. Good luck trolling the mighty Mackinac, but dont forget your net with a LONG handle or your bungee jumping outfit so you can "hop" down and retrieve your fish.
  16. Hey everybody, My name is Adam. Im 26 and enjoy hunting and fishing. Most of my fishing is split between my homewaters of Saginaw Bay for walleyes, and Lake Michigan for silver fish. Living in Michigan i have the best of both worlds, not to mention some great hunting opportunities....Lure building has also become a passion of mine. I make several jig styles, tie my own crawler harnesses and trolling flies. I also enjoy R&D for lures or anything else thats fishing or hunting related....Theres just something about tweaking something until its just right. Thanks for having me and i look forward to chatting with the rest of you fish heads.
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