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  1. Long time no see everyone. Been really busy for the last several months here. Had a long layoff from my job and ended up leaving them and took another job for a few months. The beginning of May hired in at TRW Automotive in Saginaw. Pretty much been working 6 days a week there at the job before for forever it seems. Had this past week off for the GM shut down so i took full advantage and did some much needed fishing. Have had a handful of walleye trips in this summer on the bay which were all very successful. 5 trips, 5 complete limits, i cant complain. Anyhow, i fished Ludington Wed night through Fri morning. Took 43 fish in all. Early on 100-130 then 225-280 seemed to be productive. Everything we ran seemed to take fish so we didnt have to change much during our stay. Riggers 45,50,63,75,77,90,100 down Stinger Holo Blue Dolphin Raspberry Carbon NBK Real Flasher in XGlow Yellowtail w/matching meat head Dipseys with 30# Blood Run Wire LOW-Mag divers w/mag rings @ 1.5-115,130,150,175 back Blue Dolphin SD with Aqua Fly Blue Bubble BTI with matching meat rig HIGHS-#1 w/mag rings @3-130,150,160,170 back Mnt. Dew Crush Glow SD w/Glow Frog meat Rig Chrome front Blue Back SD w/Aqua Fly NBK SD w/Green Fly Mag Blue Dolphin Spoon 32# Blood Run Copper 200,250,300' segments Bad Toad Green Chilly Willy Holographic Blue Dolphin Raspberry Carbon Lead Core 9 Color w/NBK Spoon 3 Color w/Yeck Fireball w/earings
  2. Id shy away from teh tite loks. We had them years ago. Had the standard pins as well as the quick pins for fast adjustments. The standard pins bent and the quick pins busted. I would not recommend them for salmon use.
  3. We had a ton of rain overnight here Frank, so you know what that does to the river. A few days and itll be right back on track once the runoff is gone and the water clears up and the debris is gone. Nice job on the fish Troy. Phenomenol fishery we have here isnt it.
  4. Good job Ed...that looks damned good!!!
  5. It depends on the day Frank. Some days you bring em up and just the jighead is sticking out. Others theyre nipping and have just the stinger. Plus with the amount of body behind the main hook, its just too much dangling for my liking. I even cut a half inch off or so to shorten the bait up a bit. Leaves the stinger right even with the tail. I leave the stinger dangle.
  6. River is smoking hot right now. Ive personally boated over 40 legal eyes the last four trips amongst insane numbers of sub legal walleye. Its been an absolute riot on the river. Heres my catch from yesterday.
  7. LOL...Seems like a good idea, but i doubt anyone hung up with waves crashing is gonna take the time to cut the cable and attach a float to it. They wanna get the cable cut to save their lives and their boats. I guess i could see that under the right scenerio, but with most, i gotta say its bye bye. I cant even fathom trying to hold onto that and put a float on if it were rough out.
  8. Best bet is to use the alerts as a guide and then find them for yourself in the daylight plot them. Then you know exactly where they are and can navigate them safely. Id recommend you have a QUALITY pair of side cutters at easy grasp incase you got caught up in one. The force can pull the transom down and allow water to come in and sink your boat turning a bad scenerio into a horrible one.
  9. Hit the river again today. Buddy and I boated around 80 walleye, 17 of which were legal sized fish. 1/2 oz. Jigs with Lunker City Finesse Fish in Purple and Chart/Orange Tail seemed to be the hot baits today. Heres the 10 we kept
  10. Heres the fish we got the other day. Used # 8 blood run braid and fluorocarbon for a leader and then 3/8 and 1/2 oz. northland jigs with lunker city smelt colored finesse fish to get these. I had the hot hand and got my limit and the guys added 3 more that day. Used the same thing on Thursday.
  11. Id try the powder paint or your gonna have to etch the blanks so the paint adheres WELL. Google Dick Nite Paint, he has a paint thats made for adhering to spoon blanks. I was gonna try it but never did.
  12. Fished the river the last couple days. TONS of fish in the system. Your going to sort through allot of small fish to get to the keepers. Pulled 8 yesterday and 5 today, so 13 keepers outta probably 100+ fish boated. 3/8-1/2 oz. jigs with minnow imitating rubber bodies, twister tails and drop shot type worms are all working well. Ill post a pic when i get them up of the limit i caught.
  13. Ill have to check, but i wanna say i got like a 150' 32# Blood run on a 47H with 200 yds of 30# power pro last summer.
  14. For sure Jason. EG ends on Thursday, but Oct 8 zone three duck starts. So, we'll have to get a game plan together for you to come join us some time.
  15. Thanks for the report Ed. Hoping for some nice weather. Headed over one day this week.
  16. Scouted a bunch last night, didnt see a bird flying or around any of the water i normally see them on. Seen a few in one location, but that was pretty much it. So, i was a bit dumbfounded as to what to do this morning since we were gonna hunt. So, we just decided on the field we hunted tuesday morning. Set up there and seen some EARLY, im guessing kicked off the roost. A few more small flocks off in the distance, nothing major, pretty slow. Had a pair come in eventually and we both killed one. About 10 minutes later we had another small group come in and i killed two and my dad wiffed.("Shoulda got a benelli Dad!!!" -its an inside joke we have) Its now 8 am. Never seen another bird the remainder of the morning. We bagged em up at 10 and headed outta the field. Another great morning of cupped and locked with the ol man...life is good.
  17. Welp, it was a gorgeous morning to be out in the field. Got the decoys set and we settled in the standing corn. Not much early activity and then around 7:30ish we heard the first shots to the east. Someone was on the X and got some great shooting with several pounding volleys. Finally around 8 my Dad heard a honk and to the east there was a pair. I gave a few contented clucks and they locked on and glided in the entire length of the field. Banked right into the pocket picture perfect and when their toenails were dragging the stubble Jeff and Chris laid the hammer down and we had two birds in hand. Turns out that was Chris' first goose ever, so congrats to Chris. Unfortunately that was all the action for us this morning, but still a great time never the less. A few birds bowed up and good company, ill take that any day. Thanks for the invite this morning Jeff, much appreciated.
  18. Ah good deal. That should get you started Greg. Have fun, its addicting!!!
  19. I was gonna head over to the west side this week, but with sustained N and NE winds the water is ice cold up close and the wave focast sucked. Figured id have to run offshore or do combat at the peir head. With the winds, offshore is not an option, so we decided to bag the trip for the week.
  20. Were they leader material or just regular big game? If theyre just big game, then that could be the problem. I tied mine with Blood Run 50# Fluoro leader material and i found this stuff to be very resilient to abrasions. Granted, i dont fish as much as a charter, but had good results with mine with that line. Good luck.
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