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  1. When BIG board performance comes calling, this system is the answer! Best performing system ive ever used. 42" 1x10 pine, epoxy painted for durability with custom stainless hardware, multiple attachment points and rudder system. Coupled with 0.080" round weedwacker line thats silicone coated and used with offshore releases, there are no match. They pull out to the sides, take any water you wanna throw at em. Just be sure you have a sturdy mast. Also, if you have electric reels youll have to turn to them to bring them in or theyll pop the breaker. These are beasts!
  2. Found some birds on Monday morning and finally tracked down the land owner Monday evening when he got home from his vacation. Very nice fellow, said no to start with cause a hunter in years past had the balls to cut some limbs on his planted pines and made a blind in the field and then didnt clean up the mess!!!! So, the farmer who leases the land had to take care of it.(wise up people this type thing is EXACTLY why access to land is SO TOUGH!!! Treat peoples property like you borrowed someones brand new $40,000 truck) So, i explained to him that we would be using layout blinds, and be out in the field and would just use the wheat stubble the farmer left behind to brush in my blinds. He said, ok, thats fine, have fun. Got to talking and he does some fishing. Had OK success on the bay and poor on Lake M for salmon. So, i told him not to worry, id hook him up with some fish in the morning, both walleye and salmon. Was there at least 45 minutes talking with him and this winter we're gonna do some ice fishing together....boy was he beaming when i gave him the fish. Said, just in time on the walleye as im out! To the hunt. It was a disked wheat stubble. Cover was very sparse and very low. I was worried about our hide because of profile. The ground was kinda sandy though so we were able to sit in the furrow and dig down where the bars for the head and gun rest were and that allowed us to drop the blinds a bit.stripped off 3/4 of the wheat stubble that was on the blinds from our standing wheat hunts to match the dirt/wheat mix in this field. Twist and bent over and made the wheat on the blinds look real ragged for realism...Looked great, but i was still skeptic...until the birds started coming. Apparently our hide was great as they responded well to calling and our spread. Cupped and locked, we shot em close! We ended up with 6 and should have limited, but had some rust early, er i mean bent barrels. Had a ton of fun hunting with my Dad.
  3. Yeah, i told him Duck season isnt open just yet....
  4. OUCH...Id recommend a panther lift. Those things are tough as hell. Went through two mounts the first 5 years and have had this one ever since. Nice job on the fish.
  5. Really, outta the 8 ive seen on there theyve all been on the north peir half way down it. Probably running back from the big point to the boat ramp. Thanks for the link Ed. I sure hope theyre ok. That tragic crash in Manistee last year was aweful. Its bad enough getting hurt and ruining the boat, let alone losing your life. Hopefully he can pull through.
  6. Oh yeah, he is a character thats for sure. Had me laughing all morning for the second day in a row. Thats what its all about. Was a little stinker too yesterday morning. Farting all morning in my buddies layout and giggling away...LMAO
  7. I have a 21' hydra sports(walk around style) and use a 9.9 4 stroke for both salmon and walleye trolling and i wouldnt want anything smaller. Most times people that fish walleye troll much slower than for salmon. Typical speeds are 1.0-2.5 for walleye. Not too often your going any faster than that. But for salmon, speeds of up to 3.5 are not uncommon at all. IMO, the 8 hp on there will do the job, but its going to be underpowered IMO. Particularly if your in some rough water. Itll really be laboring pushing that boat. I think youd be better off with a 15 hp. Give you plenty of power to troll and also, if the main dies on you, you have a motor that can get you back in a little quicker with more control. Again, particularly if it gets rough. I like four stroke kickers because they are quiet, no fumes and they are also very fuel efficient. Plus, they idle down allot better for walleye than the big blocks do without fouling plugs. If you dont think you want the motor you can always sell it and now is prime time to sell an 8 hp motor with early goose season already underway and duck season right around the corner. I guarantee you there are plenty of waterfowlers out there looking for an 8 hp for their duck rig. Good luck to ya.
  8. 20# big game has been fantastic for me on the rigger rods. Great line IMO.
  9. I know of a killer deal at the barber shop near my home. 2 Big Jon Electrics with dual rod holders, swivel bases and ball cradles, a set of big jon rail mount planer reels, 2 Big Jon Planer Boards, 2 rods and reel combos(reels are low end okumas, not sure what make rods are) 2 tru track pancake weights, looked like 8#ers, and a small tackle box with baits(contents i didnt look at). $600 for the whole shebang. IMO, it is one hell of a deal. Barber said its been sitting there for a month. If your interested shoot me a PM and ill get you the location.
  10. Awe man thats aweful. I dont get why people dont learn from this. Happens every year it seems. Slow down in the dark, and get the proper equipment to navigate at night or dont go. Nice job on the fish, cant wait to get back over there. Jonesin' bad for a screamin' drag!
  11. A gps is a great tool when used properly. Set a point between the pier arms and one out from it if you want to use points for reference. When coming in, run to the point outside and then plot a course directly to the point between the pier arms. You cant go wrong that way. Also, the plot trail is the easiest way to get yourself back in. You go out, it leaves a trail, just follow it back in the same way. Fool proof.
  12. Well, had a bad feeling about this morning when the birds where moving after dark last night. Sure enough movement was slow. Seen only a handful. Had a group of four come in on our right side and Dad was able to scratch one out. Had another group of 15 land just outta range. They fed for a good half hour before lifting off and heading for some water. Outside of that pretty slow other than some small bunches, 2-4 birds moving around in the distance. Just as we're heading outta the field a C.O. pulls up to check us. As he does here comes about 10 and sail right in....He said guys did good yesterday, so far slow in his checks today. I will note a very pleasant experience with Officer D.R. Lee this morning. Courteous, professional, personable. Great job. Although slow, not all was lost. Still lots of fun this morning. I asked Nick if he brought his lucky rabbits foot, and he said no...Now we know what the problem was. His mustache
  13. Ouch is right. Ludington and Manistee Peirs seem to be popular parking spots for some vessels unfortunately. Sad that this happens. Hopefully noone was hurt too badly outside their pride.
  14. Nice show matt. Got around to watching the link on FB and then turned the channel and it was on....so i watched it again...lol
  15. I think we'll be over Tuesday for a few days. Ill take down your number and give you a jangle. We can network if you want.
  16. Had a fun hunt this morning. We didnt torch em by any means, but had some solid action on some birds that finished nicely. Cupped and locked, feet down through the fog with the sun rising...Oh, i would kill for that pic, it was a beautiful thing. Not only was it a great hunt, but it was even better because of our friend Scott's son Nick. Talk about a little firecracker. This guy is only 6 and totally loving honker hunting. Bird goes down, he is outta his dads layout and grabbin em by the neck and haulin em back with a grin that goes for miles. Cant help but smile seeing that. Its just good stuff, thats what huntings all about. Heres some pics of Nick, enjoying the hell outta waterfowling
  17. I am finicky and just dont like flouro/mono or braid against metal, so i use a spro for all splices. Haywire twist on the copper side and a palomar on the other. My sentiments are the same as kyles in regard to the mono on the back end of the copper for attaching to the board. Releases grip mono much better and dont get tore up by it nearly as fast as the braid does. Also, if your running the churshes itll saw into that slot and through the pin with use....As mentioned, lower your angle on the rod when the splice is coming through. Helps a ton. Depending on your reel model, you can tweak the line guide a bit as well to allow the larger knots passage. I do this with my Penns by inserting a pair of needle nose in there and ever so slightly opening it up. Works great and doesnt effect reel function.
  18. I think flashers and flies are awful tough got beat for big fish.
  19. Id run those on your two middle riggers and fish them the deepest with shorter leads of say 15-25'. Keep the balls 10' apart, shouldnt have any problems. Also, maybe get some longer booms on those out downs for more seperation.
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