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  1. I read on the ludington page that the water was cold in close north of the point. But then again thats miles from there, so who knows. Im sure the SW is gonna push that cold down.
  2. Theyre pissin in the pond Ken, i gotsta do my part!
  3. Well, my work plans got delayed, so i had to go fishing...oh darn..lol....Anyhow, my Uncle was out and gave us a tip on where he was getting them and that meat was working well. So, we rigged up with some fishbones custom lures harnesses as well as my home brews on blood run fluorocarbon and pointed the boat NE when we cleared the bouys in Linwood. Stopped in 24' and set up. First pass we brought 9 keepers to net along with several shorties. Then the wind and waves let up and the sun came out. Our fish literally dissappeared. Made a couple more passes either way of our troll and couldnt get but a couple more in the box. So, we pulled up and headed west to a contour we've been fishing and finished up there pretty quickly. Brought in our three man limit and a bonus yellow belly! Heres what worked Blood Run Fluorocarbon harnesses in: Chart Beads w/Bass Pro XPS #3 Indiana blade in chart lime Red Beads with Silver and red #5 colorado blade Fishbones Custom lures harness in: Sunkist Purple Claw Firetiger Copper and purple pattern to which im not sure the name. All run at 1.2-1.3 at 30-40' back with 1 oz. inline weights 3 oz. bottom bouncers on bottom or about 3' up seemed to take fish for us as well. Same rigs on them.
  4. Welcome aboard the fishermans information network!....lol...Good stuff here. Glad to have ya
  5. Nice work. You have some awesome fish there. Hopefully your son will want to tag along a bit more after that trip!
  6. Excellent report Ken....Nice job and a great photo as always!
  7. Great job. Thats allot of beef right there!!! Great mix bag as well. Always fun to get all those species!
  8. Nice job Ed. The fishings been anything but spectacular, so id say you did pretty darn well my friend. wtg!
  9. Better get it in while you can, i just have a bad feeling its not gonna last...Water is just getting too warm on the inner bay. Almost 82 surface temps in 24' yesterday. With all this hot weather its just gonna continue to heat up and push the cold water down until its all warm. And id say with where the fish are holding in that depth we have about 5' to heat up and she'll all be warm.
  10. Dad and I pulled our 10 fish up on the fingers today. A mixed spread again. Started with meat and went to spoons and cranks. 2.3-2.5 32# Blood Run copper in 40,55,75' segments Mini Disks 90-110' back Jr. Streaks in Huckleberry, Blueberry Muffin, Blue Dolphin 3/8 oz. Rattle tots 70-90' back Black and Chrome red bill 1.0-1.2 meat program was 1 oz. 40-45' back Chart with bass pro blades and fishbones custom tackle hot pants harnesses.
  11. Better weather today and the fish cooperated just fine. We literally caught fish on everything. Fish were up and active early, so we hit em with copper, disks with cranks and spoons. But when the sun got high and the water warmed up a full 6 1/2 degrees!!!! on the surface the fish pushed deep and got lethargic so we slowed down and deployed a meat program to finish off our limit....water was 81.6 when we pulled lines! What worked: Crank and spoon program was run at 2.3-2.5 SOG 75’ 32# Blood Run Copper w/ Monkey Puke Jr. Streak 55’ 32# w/ 1/4 oz. hot n tot in Red and Silver Herring bone 40’ 32# Blood Run Copper w/ 1/4 oz Hot n tot in Clyde Mini disks 60,75 and 125’ back with copper confusion and huckleberry jr. streaks 3/8 oz. Rattle tots 60-80’ back in Charter Choice, Red and Silver Herring Bone and Red Tiger Our Meat program ws run at 1.0-1.2 SOG 1 oz Inline 40-50’ back Chart beads w/#3 BPS XPS Indiana Blades in Chart Lime, #5 colorado blades in a similar pattern from DB fishing Chart and Orange beads w/#4 chart and orange bait fish blades from Northland 3 oz. BB fished with same harnesses A chunky eye taken on a 1/4 oz. Clyde Tot behind a 40' segment of copper A nice box of fish caught on a mixed spread
  12. I dont fish many salmon tournaments, wont be fishing this event either, but i understand the rules for 10 fish tournaments, that trout make all the difference in those formats etc etc. But, IMO, it shouldnt matter whether its 5 or 10 fish in a tournament. The playing field is even for everyone. And if your a serious tournament fisherman youll be out prefishing several days in advance and know where and how to get the 5 big bites you need which gives you a HUGE advantage over those that might get out the day before the tournament to try and find the right fish. Most times in this scenario the angler will find fish, but more often than not, theyre just average fish and not the fish needed to win the tournament. IMO, going to a 5 fish tournament would make all anglers better big fish fisherman.
  13. Got a really late start today. Headed out into the NE wind. Wasnt too bad on the way out, but still a decent chop. Stopped east of the hole and put it on a south troll with waves around 11:45 am. Pretty slow for quite awhile. Marked very little. Finally hit a stretch and landed a good dozen fish on a mixed spread of copper and mini disks with spoons along with some 3/8 oz rattlers. Pulled lines at 2:20 pm with 6 in the box. We just didnt feel like running back up north with the way the waves built up. There were some solid 3 and 4'ers. Too many good days to fight that crap...So, im home now and as soon as i post this im gonna get the grease hot! Fresh walleye and hush puppies...oh yeah! Heres what worked: Speed 2.3 55' Segments of 32# Blood Run Copper w/ Greasy Chicken Wing Silver Streak Mini Disks 55' back with Huckleberry Silver Streak 3/8 OZ. Rattle tots back 90 and 120' in Charters Choice, Black and Silver and Rotex(black and silver w/chart. herring bones)
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