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  1. I do a lot of ice fishing on inland lakes and I like to travel and try new lakes all te time. Does anyone know of a website that I could find depth charts of lakes?
  2. Merry Christmas, I hope everyone has had a great holiday. I am looking for ice, I have a bad itch to start ice fishing and in lower Michigan we have none. In a couple weeks a couple buddies and myself want to road trip and find some ice. Can anyone tell me where some good ice is? We are willing to travel. Thanks, Ryan
  3. Were you using spawn sacks or single spawn?
  4. First year fishing wire and all that I have read about wire out fishing everything else held true this year. Almost 4:1, getting fish on and landing fish were two different stories. My first set up was my drag was set about the same as my downrigger rods, fish hit, fish gone. I was told with no give in the wire that I was ripping the lure out of its mouth. Then I went to a drag that was just enough to hold the dipsey in the water. When I did that I wasn't getting very good hook sets. Half the fish we put in the boat the lure was out of its mount when we got it in the boat. When can/do I tighten down my drag (if at all) and why am I not getting good hook sets? I've never had this problem with braid divers and seem to have it with wire divers. Any suggestions?
  5. Went out again with Quality Time for a weekend fish. We fished Friday night and Saturday moning 11 and 13 in 200 feet of water and found a seam where the water jumped from 42-46 dgrees and picked away at the fish. Our biggest fish in four trips was only 7 pounds so what the fish lacked in size they made up for on the grill. Friday night through Saturday night we fished between 70 ad 90 feet down on the balls with dipseys back 175 and 200. Blue glow F/F combo worked well Friday night along with blue glow spoons (four fish). Saturday morning anything glow was taking hits at first light. Everything took hits in the morning but by 7:30 we were done (three fish). Saturday night 0-1, we worked 150-300 fow and couldn't get anything to go other than one dipsey and that fish was only there for about 10 seconds. Sunday morning we worked 11.5-13.2 and picked up four more fish, two on a glow yellow tail slider (main line down 90), one of a blue glow moonshine and the fourth fish came on a rasberry dolphin on a dipsey back 200. he boats were piled in the mouth of the river looking for the big fish coming into spawn so that's why we went out to avoid the cluster of boats. Every time we went out or came in Manistee lake was stacked full of fish. From the dock we could see fish being caught pretty steady.
  6. Fished with my Uncle Paul (Quality Time) in Manistee this past weekend. Friday we went 3-4 with two kings and a coho. Kings weighed in at 13 and 18 pounds and the coho was 8. The first two fish came on purple and glow spoons down 75 on the rigger (coho and a lost fish) and the second two fish came on spin doctor fly combos both glow down 80. Speed at the ball was 2.7mph. Saturday morning we went out again and had five of us go. We went 4-13, we had three rookies on the boat that wanted to man rods and kept losing fish. It was fun to watch them and as much as you tell them what to do they got to excited and lost fish. It was a great time, everyone got to reel in a fish and with our biggest two being 18 and 19 pounds it was a lot of fun. Our riggers were down between 80-90 feet and our speed at the ball was 2.6-2.8 mpg. Most of our fish hit on the wire dipseys one back 225 and the other back 300. Went out Saturday night and fished in the four footers and went 0-3, one of the guys spent most of the evening puking over the side and another one couldn't do anything but sleep so he didn't get sick. Great weekend though, I wish we could have gotten out Sunday morning but the weather didn't cooperated with us.
  7. Does anyone catch steelhead off dipseys? We have fished the past three years in Lake Huron for steelhead and have never caught a steelhead on a dipsey, they have came off the riggers, leadcore or long lines and that's it. I have 8' lead from my dipsey to my lure and it works for salmon just fine but not for steelhead. Do I scrap my dipseys for steelhead and rn extra leadcore or do I need to do something different with my dipseys? Thanks again
  8. Two questions for everyone, 1. Does anyone attach their boards directly to their leadcore or do you attach it to the backer? We have and the sheathing has broke and made out leadcore useless. I don't know if it's from the clip or if it's just ordinary wear and tear. 2. When someone says they are fishing "full core" or "half core" does that mean a "full core" is 10 colors and a "half core" is 5 colors? We fish lake Huron and seven colors is our hottest setup for leadcore for both walleye and steelhead. Ultimately I what I need to know is, do I cut three colors off my leadcore and that way I fish seven colors and attach the board to the backer? Thanks
  9. What knot should I use to tie my swivel to 30# wire? Thanks Ryan
  10. I know this discussion has been on the site before but I can't find it. If I used 100 yards of 30# wire, how much 30# mono do I need as a backer (I'm thinking 100 yards) and what is the best knot to use to splice the mono to the wire? The other option is to buy a larger spool of wire and put all wire on the reel. What do you think?
  11. We use Pro King's, it's green on one side and red on the other with black spots. It's a steelhead killer, we caught a lot of fish on that lure over the past two years. Lake Huron, since there aren't many salmon we run our spoons for steelhead directly on the riggers and low dipseys. We save our core and high lines for walleye.
  12. If those are your choices I would go to Seabwing and go out by the island to the north. 10-15fow and start with crawlers and if you don't do anything in a pass or two switch to spoons and cranks. Try running about 1.7sog with you crawlers and 2.2sog with your spoons and cranks. If that fails run south of fish point Nd get in 12fow and try there.
  13. I second that, depending on the time of year we start anywhere from 70 to 100 fow and just start trolling north. Small Prokings have been the best lures over the past few years for us for both walleye and steelhead.
  14. Fish are everywhere in the bay. We fish the east side of the bay in the slot but we were in 8-12 fow and did good, didn't get our limit but it was steady fishing. Another friend of mine fished 22-24 fow and did really good out by the shipping channel. With the tournament going on people aren't going to be saying much. I'm not sure if we will be out on Saturday or not but for sure on Sunday and our handle is No Limit. Give us a call, we will probably make people mad but if we are catching fish and we have some hot colors we will tell you our set up and what's working.
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