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  1. Thanks to Captain Craig and First Mate Steve, of Killin' Time Charters in Manistee, we had a great fishing trip. This was our second year with Captain Craig, and just like last year, he did a great job for us. We fished the afternoon/evening of 8/17/13. It took us a while to find the fish, but once we did, we starting putting them in the box, and Steve and Craig even worked past the buzzer to make sure we were happy. These guys are awesome, and our party would highly recommend them. Hopefully we can do the same next year!
  2. Hi All, First off, thanks for all the input and leads regarding the various charters and captains. We ended up on Killin' Time Charters with Captain Craig and First Mate Matt, fishing the afternoon of 8/18/2012. These guys are intense and focused on putting fish in the boat. Matt is real hustler and Captain Craig made sure we found and stayed on the fish. We were originally scheduled with another charter, only to have the captain call us the morning of and inform us that he made a scheduling error, and that he would not be able to take us out. He told us that he made arrangements for us to fish on Killin' Time Charters, so that is where we ended up. So...if anyone is looking for a great charter, our party would highly recommend Killin' Time Charters, these guys are awesome!
  3. Thanks for all the input. I'll start running down those leads. For the last 23 years our party has gotten together, met at Michigan International Speedway, camped, and attended the August NASCAR race. After meeting, this last weekend, we decided to make a change, so...we thought let's try a fishing charter. We wish we could do it sooner or more often, however, some of our party flies in from out of state (Nevada, Missouri) to attend our annual ritual, and doing that more than once a year is a tough thing to get by the wives.
  4. Hi All, We are looking to charter a boat, for kings, on Michigan's Westside mid to late August 2012. We will have between 4 and 8 guys fishing. Please post (or PM) me of any positive experiences you have had with specific charter captains, and PM me of any negative experiences. This will be our first charter, so, I would like to draw on your experiences as to: what questions to ask, good charter captains, etc. Thanks for any input you can give.
  5. Yeah that! I've enjoyed the show many times on my lunch hour.
  6. We launched out of Patterson Road and managed a 2 man limit by 11:00 am in 18 - 20 FOW. A silver colored Whiptail, painted with a light blue stripe on the top and a white stripe on the bottom, on light blue beads, 50 BOB, 1.5 MPH, with a 2 oz inline weight, took most of them. A gold Colorado Blade, on gold beads, 50 BOB, 1.5 MPH, with a 1/2 oz weight took the remainder. We found most of our fish in the bottom of the column and a few at the top. We tried fishing Sunday morning (6/13/10), but got beat back by Mother Nature.
  7. Good job on the eyes Frank!! How about saving some for us. We hope to be up there this weekend. I know my Dad is heading out today with his buddies (weather permitting).
  8. Good job Frank! I wish we could be up there this weekend, but I'm tied up working the Marbleye Classic Tournament in St. Clair. Hopefully, my Dad, my son and I will get out and at least fish the tournament. Thanks for the report, I can't wait to get back on the bay.
  9. Good job on the fish! What time did you guys put your lines in the water?
  10. I'm glad to hear that Priority1 is back on the bay! Good luck, we're looking forward to those reports.
  11. Thanks for the great report! Good job on the eyes!
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