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  1. Fished PS north of pier first trip of the year at 8-11:15 AM 18-20 fow went 5/6. 2 lakers, 1 brown, 1 Coho, 1 King, lost a nice size laker. Fished Thin Fin orange tiger 60 back caught the brown 3lb. Rigger down 12ft 50 back gold, orange, green small Stinger spoon caught 6lb laker. 3 color leadcore took 9lb laker orange green small Stinger. Lost another big one after a nice fight on the same rig. Keeper coho came on orange green small Dreamweaver 2 color leadcore. Smaller king came on rigger 11 down 60 back small orange silver Dreamweaver spoon. Nice day, calm water and most fish came on south troll. Get out and fish, who knows ya might get lucky and catch some like we did!
  2. Fished 7:30-12:00 200 fow PS Got a disabled veteran his limit of of coho and kings. Absolutely an amazing experience and honor to show this guy a great time! Started out deep in 225 fow no marks no hits, came back in to 200 and action started. Hits were all far apart but this decorated soldier was a pro, 5 hits 5 fish 2 kings 3 coho, and a throw back baby King not a bad average for his first time on a deep water rod! heres what worked; north or south troll, 1.9-2.0 at ball, dipsey set at 3 225 back once with smaller blue dolphin, riggers four times one with free slider set 94 down mag spoon and stinger on slider caught a dbl hook up with one throwback using mag and stinger Kavorkian green and blue seemed best Good luck, hope this helps and don't forget the men and women who serve for our freedom to fish these waters!
  3. Congrats, nice catch! I'm taking a veteran out tommorrow in the morning and appreciate the info!
  4. Got out first time this year fished 90-157 fow most marks in 55 no bites there. Water temp inside was 52 found warmer water out 120 caught the following there in 120-140; 7lb Steelhead on Mt Dew SD with pickled sunshine fly south troll 2.5 sog 10lb Laker on Flounder Pounder 40 down 35 back on rigger SE troll 2.5 sog Nice night on water not many boats out there. At the dock reports were very low one fish counts and one boat had just a release so I felt blessed! Tight lines and better fishing ahead!
  5. Way to go Jim, thanks for the report! You are off to your normal smack em season, excellent job fishing & catching!
  6. Hi Everyone! First time out this year finally. Fished SW out of PS in 146-180 found some fish in 160 fishing 80-100 down on riggers. Lakers and kings are what we caught no coho, released the lakers. One of our fish my son fought and landed was a nice king for this time of year that literally went crazy took out 120 feet of line on the first run, 16lbs on the new digital scale! Funny thing was at the net I had to hand line em like Wicked Tuna cause she tried to take out some other gear and created a tangled mess, but we whipped her good! Our fish hit on a SE troll @ 2.8 SOG, hot set ups that worked were big white paddle pickled sonshine fly, and a little glow back blue dolphin got the rods pumping. Fun night for a couple hours and great to be back out there. Good luck, get out and tight lines everyone!
  7. Thanks for the report Jim! Nice to hear you help with the towin!
  8. Went out of Port Sheldon for a little evening solo fishing to see if I could find some fish! Only one other boat out also another solo fisherman "Steeliejoe". I checked 60-80 fow and didn't see hardly any marks. Trolled further and set lines in 90 and headed west. Marked a couple of fish between 90-110 no takers. Kept trolling and marked only a couple more between 130-170 fow. I had one release but when I seem it pop not even a shake when I grabbed the rod! Most all marks were toward the bottom. Temp was 58 degrees down 158 fow. I did mark a couple of bait balls in 138 fow but didn't mark any fish that surprised me! It was great to be back out there considering all the past weekends of the windy blown out weather! It was peaceful and I didn't really mind no fish in the boat, besides somebody needed to get out just to post right? I suspect the warm water low levels an unique weather has caused a difference in the fall fishing. It saddens me to think all the fished harvested and now the cutback in DNR planting plus the probability some salmon will try to spawn inshore or will just die off. Hopefully I'll get out for more fishing and if I figure out where and how to get em I'll post! Live well brothers!
  9. Congrats on the catch, especially after all the wind and temp changes. I'm planning on fishing in the morning and will post results. Thanks for the info and your report.
  10. Got out this morning and fished Port Sheldon Southwest of the channel. Didn't hurry figuring the launch would be crowded so started at 7:30am. Set lines trolling SW @ 110 FOW here's what worked for 7 hits, 4 fish: 3 nice Steelies, all came in very lazy like not much fight, surprised me, and a big fat coho. Alot of Coho's hit this morning from other boaters reports. Started catching fish at 128-158 FOW riggers down, 50,70,80 Blue Dolphin Glow Back, Blue SD w/ blue fly twice, Large White Paddle Mirage Fly 300 copper Wonderbread JPlug Dipsy set on 2 175 back with Blue Dolphin and a vintage large Blue bait from the 70's I have no idea what it's called but I put it out for fun and told my friend we used to catch big ones, and 10 min. later BAMM! nice Steelie Happy holiday and good fishing. Danny
  11. Great job Buster! Thanks for the report. Sounds like you had a great day fishing. Appreciate the details and info on the set up. Congrats on you winning a place in the tourney.
  12. Great job Jeff! Thanks for the report, and way to go getting the ole' girl out for a fishin' trip. Glad to hear you found some fish.
  13. Sounds like you had fun Chandler, great job, and sharp hooks help!
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