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  1. Dear Conflicted CornHusker, "Memories, how they linger." Don't you know women whine and "Creative Memories" and you got to do this while fishing? You have bragging rights until the next hopeful goes all in hook line and sinker. A fish would have been fileted, frozen, and consumed. Your memory of the event will live on. If there is a negative aspect to your story it is friends and aquaintances will be left speechless when they attempt to detract from the size of the fish that got away. Thanks for sharing. Loren
  2. Wonderful fish Jake. Dream maker. Hopefully you can revisit the event many times.
  3. To those who posted here the past week or so a warm thank you. We've had 4 previous outings ever using spoons only. We netted a total of 5 fish. Today we netted 6 kings and 1 brown (16#10oz). Based on the aforementioned posts we caught 6 on big weenie flies, mainly proctologist, bedhind a downrigger & a paddle 50-60 down way, way, way far back. The fish were caught from 76 out to 147 FOW. Pretty dog gon exciting the 1st ever using flies gleaned from this site. The other fish was on lead pulling a blu dolphin.
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