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  1. Thanks for the report Aaron. Sounds like spinnies are the ticket. Reel Therapy
  2. Oink, oink. WoW! That must have been a workout to get in. Good job.
  3. Great job Joe. You have to get that new boat out more often! Reel Therapy
  4. Yipee Ki Yea! Congrats are in order. That is a lifetime big fish for most of us. Hope to see a picture. Reel Therapy
  5. Thanks for the report Don, the fun is just beginning! Reel Therapy
  6. I agree that the power pro dipseys get the most fleas. This past Monday they were very bad and I actually cut off my rigger line swivels a couple times, slid the fleas off the line and retied. That was much faster than trying to pull the little things off my lines. I still ran the sliders and they caught most of our fish.
  7. Thanks for the great report John. I'm going out early tomorrow so your report is definitely helpful. Reel Therapy
  8. HOT DOG fishing is fun. Thanks for sharing the story. and the report. Hopefully the 13 year old had a good time too. Reel Therapy
  9. Thanks for the report! Big laker, did you take a picture? Reel Therapy
  10. WTG Bob. Those fleas and flies are really thick this year. Reel Therapy
  11. My lowrance does this too on my 16.5 foot Lund. I will reduce my gain to see if that helps. Thanks for the great topic
  12. WTG, and great picture too. Looks like another fishing memory was made on your fishing trip.
  13. Grrreat job! Thanks for the detailed report Alex. Real Therapy
  14. Welcome aboard Vyju. What color is your Lund? Mine is blue, so I will look for you coming out of Holland. Do you have a radio? Catch us on channel 68. Reel Therapy
  15. Thanks Jeff, and WTG in tough conditions. Reel Therapy
  16. Thanks Bob. I will go out tomorrow out of Holland and will post my results. Reel Therapy
  17. Thanks for the report Dennis. Carmel dolphin has been hot this year on the rigger. Reel Therapy
  18. I installed my Lowrance LMS 525 DF. It wasn't hard.You can install it yourself if you read the manual thoroughly .
  19. I have the 32 on 150, 225 and 300. The 300 has been very successful this year. FYI- I was warned however by blood run that the 32lb has to be watched carefully for kinks. I fixed one before my most recent trip.
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