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  1. I think this was the most boats I've seen this year. We ended up 4 for 5 with three lake trout and one throw back salmon. Started in 80 fow and worked out to 205 fow. What worked for us 0-1 400 ft of copper mixed veggie spoon----on for maybe 30 secounds---90 fow 1-1 300ft of copper chartuse meat rig green dodger throw back salmon --- 120 fow 1-1 160 ft back wire slide diver silver S.D. with chartruse spin and glow ----140fow 1-1 200 ft back wire slide diver silver S.D. with greem spin and glow--- 160fow 1-1 80 ft down on rigger--- green meat rig with green dodger ---160 fow. Real scattered marks from 55-80 ft down out to 205 ft but nothing would go for us. Heard talk on the radio of some nice salmon being caught ---but in the parking lot everyone I talked to had lake trout and no salmon---go figure--great day on the water.
  2. good day!! how did you do Wednesday?? I talked to you that morning at the launch I was with the fishwhich.
  3. slow morning for us---trolled until 10:30 for our first hit in 130 fow landed a steel head in 142 fow and missed another fish in 110 fow---covered water from 80 to 170 --the temp at the ball 50 ft down kept getting warmer as the day progressed-- (started at 45 ended at 55) pulled lines at 12:00 0-1 dipsey out 90 feet---- snow princess 0-1 200 ft of copper ------mixed veggie spoon 1-1 dr at 30 down----- red mongolian beef
  4. Weather forecast and lake conditions matched!! good start to the day. Started in 90fow got one rod in the water and FISH ON---landed it and got three rods set and missed one on the first down rigger---finally got all 6 rods in the water and the 300 copper goes ---small king. half hour later the 400 copper goes and we loose him about 30 ft from the boat--I think it was a good size lake trout. Any way it's 7:30 am and we are 2-4 what a day this is---------------and then we trolled north--south --east --west -- changed our spread up--down --different lures --at 11:30 we had enough-- tired of cleaning cotton sead off the lines--anyone else having this problem? What worked 1-2 down rigger at 45--10# king all green spoon with uv tape 1-1 300 copper 2# king yeck spoon (snow princess) 0-1 400 copper mixed veggie spoon
  5. I'm using the 4 oz weight and the large ring . I tried the larger weight and didn't like the way it pulled. Also i use the rubber and not the spring on the release. All my slide divers are the light bite style. Hope this helps.
  6. I've run the slide diver for at least five years --no problem---both of my divers are set up on wire with 50' of 80 # test power pro and 8-10 of 20# mono leader.==big lake
  7. Tough morning for us marked lots of fish but couldn't get them going. fished 100-120 then roamed out to 190 and back into 100 ended up 1 for 2-- 300 copper mixed veggie spoon
  8. Great day on the water only a hand full of boats out of Port Sheldon. Less than one foot of waves but the sun was intense. Ended up 8-12 two steel head one coho the rest kings. The largest king was 10 1/2 lbs fished from 120 to 200 fow fish were scattered. what worked 1-1 wire dipsey back 100ft. mixed veggies 0-1- 200 copper snow white spoon 1-1- 400 copper blue dolphin 5-8- 300 copper mixed veggie spoon 1-1 DR at 50ft NBK spoon
  9. Good to see a post from you--nice fish---average snow fence!!!!
  10. Made our first trip of this year---- Started in 100 fow and worked our way out to 200 fow. Trolled back intowhite 170 fow and in a half hour we went 2 for 4. Worked the 165-175 range of water until 11:00 --two full hours without a bump-- and we picked up our third king. a half hour later we declared enough of the heat and pulled lines. Finished 3 for 5 all kings in the 5-8 lb range. What didn't work----200 and 300 ft copper ----- fly's and spin doctor --small spoons what worked 1-1 wire dipsey back 100ft. mag mixed veggie 0-1 wire dipsey back 200ft snow white spoon 2-3 dr at 60 ft mag NBK spoon
  11. Port Sheldon 8-26-AM Started out in 120 fow and worked out to 180. The best area for us was between 120 and 140 fow. Ended up 3 for 4 two kings and one steel head what worked dr at 125 1 kings and 1 steel on green ladder back J-plug dr at 110 1- king brook off above J-plug 400 copper--1 king on clear SD with a mirage fly no luck with 300 copper or dipsey's--no hits on spoons or other combinations of SD and fly's the lake was bumpy compared to the forecast of under one foot-- all in all a good day on the lake.
  12. What temps are you getting at your ball? How does the temps. on the ball match to the temps. on the port Sheldon buoy. I had 71 degrees at 75 ft. down had to go to 90 down to get into the high 50's. Buoy says low 60"s at 68.6 ft
  13. Port Sheldon 8/14 AM Three for three this morning, WE fished from 130 to 150 for most of the day with a side trip out to 200 fow 1 coho 75 down on rigger regular size bloody nose 1 coho 50 down on rigger middle size mixed veggie 1 lake trout braided dipsey 180 back regular size lemon ice
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