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  1. Port Sheldon 8-26-AM Started out in 120 fow and worked out to 180. The best area for us was between 120 and 140 fow. Ended up 3 for 4 two kings and one steel head what worked dr at 125 1 kings and 1 steel on green ladder back J-plug dr at 110 1- king brook off above J-plug 400 copper--1 king on clear SD with a mirage fly no luck with 300 copper or dipsey's--no hits on spoons or other combinations of SD and fly's the lake was bumpy compared to the forecast of under one foot-- all in all a good day on the lake.
  2. What temps are you getting at your ball? How does the temps. on the ball match to the temps. on the port Sheldon buoy. I had 71 degrees at 75 ft. down had to go to 90 down to get into the high 50's. Buoy says low 60"s at 68.6 ft
  3. Port Sheldon 8/14 AM Three for three this morning, WE fished from 130 to 150 for most of the day with a side trip out to 200 fow 1 coho 75 down on rigger regular size bloody nose 1 coho 50 down on rigger middle size mixed veggie 1 lake trout braided dipsey 180 back regular size lemon ice
  4. Port Sheldon 6/21/am Slow day for us but a great day to be on the water. 3 for 3 one king , one steel head, and one lake trout. the king was small and released. Started in 120 fow and marked a few fish but no takers. Worked out to 240 fow where the water was 51 degrees at the ball 60 ft down. We marked fewer fish out here than in the 120 fow range. on the way out to 240 we caught the king in 180 fow wire dipsey set at 2-- 80 ft of line with mixed veggy spoon --king released in 225 fow 200ft of cp. snow white spoon black back------lake trout in 235 fow DR at 75 pearl white spoon with UV ladder back tape ------------steel head the radio sounded like everyone was searching . My boat name is fish which even though I post as big lake---long story.
  5. we set up in 115fow and trolled out as far as 165fow. came back in and spent most of our time from 110 to 140. fish seemed to be real scattered. We marked most of our fish from 110 to 130. Hope this helps.
  6. Port Sheldon 6/8---6:30am to noon beautiful day on the water , had lines set at 6:30 with the first fish in the boat at 6:45. At 9:30 all I could think of was little boat's trip yesterday. finally at 10:00 we landed another fish!!We finished the day 4 for 5--- three cohos and one k what worked wire dipsey at 2 ---120' out with SD blue bubble set up 1 king wire dipsey at 2 ----80' out blue dolphin --lost at boat copper 180--- white pearl spoon----1 coho DR at 60--mixed veggie spoon---1 coho DR at 40---white pearl spoon--1 coho
  7. Port Sheldon 5/15/17 6:30 am to 9:00am 10 for ?????? threw 4 small kings back and lost another 3 or 4.Worked 120 to 130 fow speed at the ball was 2.5. Set lines at 6:30 and finished at 9:00 am . 6 kings and 4 coho what worked DR at 60 Mixed veggy spoon ---4 DR at 50 Blue dolphin---------- 2 diver at 2 back 80 white pearl spoon -------2 diver at 2 back 100 bloody nose spoon----1 225 cooper --green dolphin----------1 tried sd with fly's and 300 and 100 copper could not make them work for us this morning
  8. we spent t morning working 120 fow to 140 with 130 fow being the best
  9. we worked all morning in water from 120 to 140 with 130 bein the best

  10. Port Sheldon 5/10 AM Port Sheldon 5-10 AM 10 for 16 4 coho's 2 steel head 4 kings DR down 62 and 52---- 3 fish copper 225'------- 3 fish copper 300'----- 1 fish dipsey 80 back set on 2--- 2 fish dipsey 90 back se on 2--- 1 fish speed at the ball was best at 2.5 mph all fish caught on spoons --mixed vegy--snow white (black back)--- pearl white( silver back)
  11. 2 for 3 today 1) 200 ft of copper white spin doctor last supper fly (Coho) 1)300 ft of copper white spin doctor pickled sun shine fly lost one on a SWR white spin doctor blue bubble fly (steel head) This was our last trip for this year. Thanks to all who have posted, it really helps with a starting point. Thanks to Lake Shore Tackle in Saugatuck for a very good and detailed web site. Hope to see everyone back next spring.
  12. the lake matched the forecast for a change--beautiful day on the water---The fishing---- well ----- it was slow. Ended up 1 for 2 1) coho 225 ft of copper white SD with pickled sunshine fly lost 1 at the boat on dipsey 120 back dialed on 3---meat rig Worked from 80 fow to 130 fow marked very few fish and no large pods of bait fish.
  13. Launched in the dark and ran out to 100 fow. One foot rollers soon became two foot breakers with the tops blowing off. By 9:00 am we had enough of calm to one foot and pulled lines. We ended up 2 for three 1) 180 copper meat rig 1) DR at 50 ft pickled sun shine fly with white SD lost one on 300 ft of copper meat rig
  14. 7 for 10 Spent the morning in 95-130 fow What didn't work for us Down riggers with meat rigs, large white paddle and fly SD with fly's and ace hi plugs What worked Copper 2) 180ft ace hi plug blue ladder back 1) 300ft meat rig 1) 400ft meat rig Dipsey Divers 1)140 back ace hi plug green splatter back 2) 160 back meat rig Not as many boats out as we expected--great day the forecast matched the lake conditions