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  1. It was a beautiful day on the lake and its nice to have good company
  2. Meat Rigs?

    Big Weenie, John King, and Spin Doctors are all good for me. Herring strips are pricey but work and are easy to use. Most meat rigs are already tied for length and I use flies more than squids. The local tackle store can let you know whats been hot. There is a lot to chose from but just ask around where your fishing and you'll find whats working.
  3. Port Sheldon Parking lot fee

    Any vehicles must have the Parks plate on their vehicle (you pay for it when you renew your plate) or must buy the pass on site. Only 11.00 per year with a plate. PS-I've heard of guys parking outside on the street but don't know where.
  4. SoHa 7/3

    how'd the boat run??
  5. SoHa 5/31

    I plan on going out of Holland on Wed, feel free to contact me but not sure if info from Holland will do you much good in Soha
  6. SoHa 5/31

    We had it a bit different in Holland as it built later morning and was blowing pretty hard.
  7. wind was blowing the boat sideways so a nice looking spread was almost nonexistent today. or you might say kiddywampous or hey look all the lines are on the port side--well maybe thats exaggerating ;-)
  8. Guy at the fish cleaning station had a scale and it was over 17 but don't remember the fraction It was a bit long and thin. He did cost me a 250 copper that he got the diver snagged on when he went ballistic.
  9. Katrina (Kents daughter) holding the Steelhead at the fish cleaning station.
  10. How to properly measure a fish Do you "fold" the tail as in one of the pics? That seems to be what the form states to do for master angler. Any advice? Thanks
  11. Sat 5-28 Holland PB steelhead After a slow start with 2 small kings that went back we finally hit a decent king, lost a big laker behind the boat and then hit this guy in 140 off the slides on a mixed veggie on a braid diver. Took a team effort to get him in after he tangled into the 300 copper. Thanks to Kent, Katrina and Darrin for a job well done. Now can anyone tell me the proper way to measure it? It states in the master angler for to "fold" the tail. When I do it measures longer on one side the tail. So what is the correct way? Thanks
  12. Nice job Kabet, next time your short give me a shout. I wanted to get out today but mowed the lawn instead. Way to go on the kings, we only found a few yesterday with more coho.
  13. and I thought I was the only one out. at least out of Holland late am. about the same for me. 5 for 5 but 2 were small kings that went back. Good job Tom
  14. Port Sheldon 4/18

    Nice work Doug