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  1. As far as a run in Holland the King numbers that were great a week ago are down a lot now (in the lake) so I don't know if a bunch already ran of if they are heading to another port to run. As far as bait we marked bait in big numbers lately S of Holland. There are still a few nice fish to be had yet and Trout fishing is incredible for anyone interested. However we did find our beer thief yesterday
  2. I've had some trouble with BW hooks also losing too many of the bigger fish including bent hooks.
  3. Ethanol--EPA taking comments Link to BoatUS website's form to fill in
  4. Ethanol--EPA taking comments Only till the end of August you can send a comment to the EPA on ethanol content for 2018. As a boater you know the harm it can do--let them know we need less not more ethanol. Only a short time left to let them know before they force it to 15% making it harder for boaters to get gas.
  5. Got a new new knife sharpener

    OK, thanks Aaron for the info
  6. Got a new new knife sharpener

    How many different grits did he use? and do you know what angle? I have a similar one that I love but still getting used to it.
  7. It was a beautiful day on the lake and its nice to have good company
  8. Meat Rigs?

    Big Weenie, John King, and Spin Doctors are all good for me. Herring strips are pricey but work and are easy to use. Most meat rigs are already tied for length and I use flies more than squids. The local tackle store can let you know whats been hot. There is a lot to chose from but just ask around where your fishing and you'll find whats working.
  9. Port Sheldon Parking lot fee

    Any vehicles must have the Parks plate on their vehicle (you pay for it when you renew your plate) or must buy the pass on site. Only 11.00 per year with a plate. PS-I've heard of guys parking outside on the street but don't know where.
  10. SoHa 7/3

    how'd the boat run??
  11. SoHa 5/31

    I plan on going out of Holland on Wed, feel free to contact me but not sure if info from Holland will do you much good in Soha
  12. SoHa 5/31

    We had it a bit different in Holland as it built later morning and was blowing pretty hard.