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  1. Not sure I’ll do some looking Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  2. All cables in new shape; NMEA/Lowrance for all cables; Starter kit complete (2 T's, 2ends, power node, 15' and 2' back bone cables) $40.00---- Yamaha/Lowrance interface cable $50.00 Pin Point Gateway Lowrance/Motorguide $75.00 All cables $150.00 --Will wait a few days to offer this option first Free shipping in the 48 continental states Thanks Bob
  3. I have 2 and I also have a magnum metals rigger I will be selling responded with pm
  4. Traxtech digital down riggers with swivel base $575. ea. New they run $1575.00 each and the bases are $100 ea. Pick up only in West MI. Great shape, includes covers. Boat is kept indoors. For now price is firm.
  5. Closing all the docks because some didn't abide by the rules makes as much sense as closing all the roads because some disobey the speed laws. I hope we have not suck so low as to punish all for the crime of a few. Plus I was on the Detroit River this spring using a busy launch and there were no crowds (gathered together). Yes its busy but guys are in their car or boat and the dnr can easily deal with too many in a boat. I hope also that people are not relying on the government or the media for the latest and best info. They said the quarantine was to "flatten the curve" so not to overwhelm the hospitals. Well they laid off most people I know including my sister. As of Last Tuesday Michigan was only using just under half of their ventilators and even NY with all their belly aching and screaming to the feds for more has a surplus and have sent some to other states. This is a control issue, a constitutional issue, and a political issue now along with the health. If we don't hold to our freedoms and rights we will face a future much worse than a CCP virus.
  6. Its referring to all Americans not just fishermen and the attack on our rights far outweighs fishing. You are missing the suffering this is causing in many other ways than illness. This is one way to draw a line in the sand against government overreach which history and current world events show always ends up badly. Do you not believe poverty has a huge impact on many including health wise? Be glad if you can weather the storm well because many can't. And if you believe all the government says about this and that they are not prone to "never let a crises go to waste" well??? As of now its looking like less may die from this than the 2018 flu. Car accidents??? should we to let people ever drive again? PS I'm NOT against safe measures like stay at home as much as possible especially if vulnerable, masks, social distancing, washing. All good to practice right now.
  7. I have one as my chute rigger, strong and fast.
  8. try Aaron @ Lakeshore firearms and tackle and see if he has any in stock--Saugatuck
  9. I don't see the string of temps only surface on the PS buoy, is it missing this year?
  10. Your title says June, your post says May--can be a big difference, I'm assuming June like the title states. If so I agree with FBD
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