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  1. port sheldon -docks coming out Had 3 docks in when I left this morning and only 1 when I got back, also looked like they were pulling in the buoy. Did manage a nice steely and a small king by the bubbler and was really glad to get out again on what turned out to be a really nice day on the lake.
  2. Biggest wave ever

    Biggest wave ever For any who may not have seen this its impressive.
  3. Set to be picked up 9a tomorrow. Will post if they are a no show
  4. Electric down riggers 3 Penns plus misc extra parts and 1 Speedtroll. the 3 came off my boat and work. Free if you can come get them asap so I don't have to deal with them call of text a616836b4327
  5. Grey fatty layer between meat and skin(salmon)

    I always get of it either when cleaning it or I put it in a tinfoil boat on the grill skin down with some butter and when its ready I slide a long spatula between the skin/fat and the meat. It usually glides right off. The rest of the grey flakes off easily. I've heard of the crispy skin also but I don't want the grey fat layer.
  6. Holland 9-23

    Is that Racine in the background?
  7. Holland 9-23

    What an awesome day. Way to go!
  8. As far as a run in Holland the King numbers that were great a week ago are down a lot now (in the lake) so I don't know if a bunch already ran of if they are heading to another port to run. As far as bait we marked bait in big numbers lately S of Holland. There are still a few nice fish to be had yet and Trout fishing is incredible for anyone interested. However we did find our beer thief yesterday
  9. I've had some trouble with BW hooks also losing too many of the bigger fish including bent hooks.
  10. Ethanol--EPA taking comments Link to BoatUS website's form to fill in
  11. Ethanol--EPA taking comments Only till the end of August you can send a comment to the EPA on ethanol content for 2018. As a boater you know the harm it can do--let them know we need less not more ethanol. Only a short time left to let them know before they force it to 15% making it harder for boaters to get gas.
  12. Got a new new knife sharpener

    OK, thanks Aaron for the info
  13. Got a new new knife sharpener

    How many different grits did he use? and do you know what angle? I have a similar one that I love but still getting used to it.