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  1. Magnum Metlz Downrigger Looks like I spelled it wrong
  2. Anyone have any experience with these riggers? Thinking of adding 1 as a chute rigger as its rated for 25# weights. I wondered about the strength of the arm when you add the extensions (36") to get past the outdrive.
  3. Divers breaking?

    Time to start getting things ready. I must have had at least 3 divers break where the arm snaps in on Deeper Divers. Any one else have this and wondering if you like your divers and they hold up what kind you use?
  4. Magda dxt vs magda vs Magda Dx

    I went with convectors as I was losing gear with the magda's. At least on the divers anyway they didn't seem to have a smooth enough drag when a screamer hit. Should be OK on a rigger but I would run a bit of a loose drag. I have lost far less gear and fish since changing to convectors and having the drag upgraded to dragmasters. IMO in the long run it doesn't cost any more if it saves 1 diver, spinnie, and meat rig.
  5. Have him contact me if he is interested in 1 electric rigger in good working order plus I may have other stuff he may be interested in all very cheap. I live almost straight south of zeeland i'll email also
  6. Newb Questions (Bear with me)

    I have found that Lakeshore Outfitters (Saugatuck exit) and The Outdoorsman Pro Shop in Jenisen are good people and will be a big help. Neither will just sell you stuff for the sale and they are in touch with whats working. PS Lakeshore outfitters now goes by Lakeshore Firearm and Tackle
  7. Wire dipsys

    I agree with 1000' but if you have an extra large reel you may want to use backing to fill the reel. That way your counters will be more accurate and you will reel in more line per crank. so it depends on what reel you are using. The rods and settings should be fine (always need great care when using 2 per side) but some guys use a smaller dipsey for the High diver and some like the larger so that it pulls it farther out. You will need to find a system that works best for you. Too close and you risk tangling the high and low and the farther out you go you need to send the planers way out or you come up underneath the inside one. I kind of like the larger on both but with the smaller weight on the high diver. Also if you're pulling spinnies you may want to forget running 2 per side in rough seas or tough currents and save yourself some headache.
  8. New To Site

    Welcome and Happy New Year, Alumacraft makes an awesome boat
  9. awesome, I would have thought the docks were already froze even in the river
  10. Merry Christmas

    and a merry Christmas to you as well
  11. Power Winches

    I put this on my trailer last year and I like it a lot. They have other sizes also Dutton-Lainson StrongArm Electric Winch - Marine - 9,000 lbs Dutton-Lainson Trailer Winch DL25215.webarchive
  12. OK, glad you don't need it as its sold. Have a Merry Christmas Bob
  13. Docks, Mac, and channel pics- Duck city

    and a video of the water flowing "in" with lots of ducks going on a float trip IMG_0883.m4v