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  1. Holland 5/24 AM Fished a similar program to last Saturday. Set up in 90 fow this time again north of tunnel park. We were in 110 fow by the time lines were set, so went back in to 90. Still no takers, so we began heading deeper and began taking fish in 120 fow. Worked 120 to 130 down to Saugatuck picking up hits regularly with occasional double. Things began to slow down so we drifted out to 150 fow on a north troll and took two more coho. Our last hit came pulling lines in 93 fow, otherwise everything came 120 - 130 fow. Ran 4 riggers staggered every 5 feet from 70 to 55 feet down. Ran fixed sliders 15 feet above the ball. Braid dipseys with spindoctor/fly were set back 125 and 150 feet. Filled out the spread with 150, 225, and 240 copper. Trolling speed was 2.8 to 3.1. Everything took fish except 240 copper with Rickety Ranger, and a slider with Jerry Lee. Final tally was 1 laker, 3 coho, 5 kings, one that got away off a dipsey and 5 shaker kings we threw back. Lots of small fish out there would seem to bode well for next year. Baits that worked were: Green/glow spindoctor with Rapture Grand Illusion fly, UV Crush spindoctor with Big Weenie Last Brunch, Michigan frog, Silver Crush, Red Jeans, Blue Dolphin, Blue Hulk, Piston Cup, Blue Chilly Willy
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  3. What did the Atlantic come on?
  4. I forgot you were retired now and can fish on weekends. It would've been a 5 AM call today. We had three until it actually came time to get up.
  5. Holland 5/20 AM Holland Steelheaders Tournament Didn't expect to do much today being a man down, but left the pierheads with shotgun start at 6:30 AM. Went NW and set up north of Tunnel Park in 70 fow. Had 4 riggers, 225 copper and 150 copper in the water at 7 AM with an all spoon presentation. Took first hit at 7:15 on NW troll in about 90 fow. Because of the relatively bumpy water, flipped around and pretty much worked 90-100 fow on south troll anywhere from 2.5-3.1. We did manage to make it out to 120 fow when things flattened out a bit, but basically worked 90-100 all the way to Saugatuck. Flipped around at Saugatuck, and took a double to finish out a two man limit. 9 kings and one laker. Only 2 kings topped 10 lbs. Deep rigger was set 70 down and only took one hit on Blue Hulk...the laker. The other riggers were staggered at 65, 60, and 55. All had sliders, but the only slider hits we got was the double at the end. Spoons that took hits were Michigan Frog, Blue Dolphin, Blue Crush, Craig's Steelhead bait (thanks for the spoons Jim Bobber), and BIsh's Bruiser. 225 copper with Rickety Ranger went twice but one got into another downrigger line and got off. Final tally, 10 for 11 and good enough for 6th place.
  6. Holland 5/13&14 AM's WMFL Where to begin? All the good action the last 2 days, its kind of overwhelming thinking out this post. Fished the WMFL Saturday morning. Thanks to Dirty Dog for running it and Silver Streak for sponsoring. Set lines in 30 fow of water just south of the channel. Took first hits in 65 - 75 fow, the rest came in 90-110 fow. We did work out to 120 fow but no takers. Finished the day 8 for 10 with 3 10-12 lb kings and 5 coho. Trolled north/south at 2.7 - 3.1 at the ball. Only one dipsey hit this whole weekend and we lost it. Ran riggers 50-70 feet down with sliders about 15 feet up. Ran 75, 100, and 120 copper. Blue dolphin, Bish's bruiser, red monkey puke, U of M frog, blue hulk, red jeans, rickety ranger were spoons that worked. 75 copper running thin fin red with squiggles did not take any hits, nor did starboard dipsey. With kings finally here and good fishing yesterday, decided to take mom out fishing for Mother's Day. Pretty much fished the same water except we set up in 60 fow of water today and worked out to 140 with all fish coming between 90-110 again. Same directions and trolling speeds. Ran 100, 120, 150, and 225 copper all taking hits. Riggers again 50-70 feet down with sliders. Spoons taking hits today were red jeans, rickety ranger, blue dolphin, Jerry Lee, U of M frog, and all 3 spoons I got at the WMFL yesterday. One was called Piston Cup but never bothered to check the names of the other two. One of these days I'll start posting pics. Final tally was one 10 lb laker, 3 kings, 4 coho, 4 shaker kings released, and 2 kings lost at the back of the boat.
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  8. What depth were you fishing?
  9. Hadn't seen or heard any good reports about kings in at Holland, so we went out deep for coho which are still there. 16 for 21 all coho from 235-270 fow though best was 235-250. Mainly east west troll 2.5-2.9 at the ball. Set lines in 180 fow and first hit came in 235. Made 2 passes out and 2 passes in and last fish came just at the start of trolling out for 3rd time. All 9 rods went, with best being red/squiggle thin fin on 75 copper. Also ran 2 color with gold/red thin fin, 7 color with Jerry Lee, dipsey with UV crush spindoctor and Last Brunch fly back 135, dipsey with laser lightsaver spindoctor and BIg Weenie Bushy Beaver fly, rigger down 80 with educator spoon, rigger down 70 with Moonshine Rickety Ranger, Rigger down 55 with red Monkey Puke, rigger down 65 with Michigan Frog
  10. More likely looking for lakers
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  12. Holland 4/23 AM Like so many others this was first trip of the year, on my boat anyway. It was a little adventuresome trying to get the bow lines off with a slippery coating of frost on the deck. Left the channel and began setting up in 165 fow. Had all lines in (6) by 180 fow and began heading west. No hits until we turned south at 150 then we had a single, a couple quick doubles and another single. We boated 4 and missed two. Had 4 hits on wire divers 150 and 180 back with flasher flies. One on rigger down 110' when I brought it up to change lures and one on 2 color on thin fish red with black squiggles. Then a long dry spell until 12:30 when we picked up a very light strike on wire dipsey 200 back. Final hit came on rigger down 150', spoon I believe was called an Educator, gold spoon with orange ladder back and pastel green and blue, kind of like a pastel Coyote. Last 2 hits came in 235 fow and 210 fow. on East troll heading for port.
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  14. Holland Buoy The Holland Buoy has been deployed for the season despite the fact they haven't reached their goal for funding. An extremely nice gesture of good faith on their part. If you use the buoy and haven't donated yet I would urge you to do so.