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  1. Grand haven fri eve /sat morning, 115-155, low diver back 140 w meat behind 10” white glo spin doctor, meat behind 8” mt dew spin doctor, rigger 65 down w white flasher blue fly. Had to work for them, biggest was 26. ... also held several demonstrations on how not to do it out there this weekend... Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  2. ...and ya I’m aware rigger rod in pic is upside down and backwards... had landing net hung up on cleat and reel handle... Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  3. 3 short trips fri eve, sat morn, sat eve... couple kings 19# & 27#, a coho, a steelhead, several lakers, white protroll with blue fly and green glow beads took majority of fish 60’ down on rigger, other king came on 10” white/glo spindoctor w/ white/glo musselhead meatrig low diver 140’ back, king bites were 152’ 10:30 am and 117’ 9pm, east troll at 2-2.3 sog worked for them, didn’t mark much in terms of bait or fish but certainly learn something every time. This trip’s lesson- Remember to double check to make sure divers are not on same setting. Thanks to all who share info on this forum. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  4. my buddy thought it would be a good idea to chum them up so he tried it......and waited......and waited......it worked! ...although I did have to wind her in for him......he did do a great job with the net, but I think it wore him out... Lines in at 6 am in 105 took jack king on frozen mixed veggie down 50 on rigger, west troll, in 115, released, swung around and picked up 17 lb King on diver back 95 with glow SD and big weanie blue bubble glow fly, pulled lines @ 8am. Seemed to be several marks down 45 around 115 fow Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  5. Spoon bite? Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  6. Thanks for report Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  7. Fri eve 1 for 3. 18 lb king on frosted mixed veggie on rigger down 55 in 144 fow east troll 2.3-3.3 sog Sat morn 5 for 8. Frosted mix veggie on rigger down 55 took 2 kings, green & white SD with green/blue fly on braid dipsy set on 3 back 175 took laker and steelie, and flounder pounder on rigger stacker clip down 45 took one steelie. Fished 145-115 fow east/west troll as much as we could, 2.3-3.3 sog Sat eve couldn't get them figured out, fished 90-145 fow 1 jack king on white Flasher w blue bubble fly down 65 on rigger to get skunk off Sun morn. 3-5 joined the fleet in 95-105 fow small king hit white meat rig on dipsy while setting line, flounder pounder on stacker down 45 took nice steelhead, and White flasher with blue bubble fly down 65 on rigger took decent king. Northwest and southwest troll seemed best 2.3-3.3 sog. Thanks all for the helpful information in your posts. Everything I have learned about salmon fishing has been from posts on this forum. Thanks again to all of you who post regularly
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