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  1. I just bought a complete camcorder setup with intentions of recording salmon fishing trips. Tried it out on my first bird. Turned out great! Thanks for watching!
  2. Just bought some of Russells reels, they look great, got a great price, and was fast on shipping! Can't go wrong here guys, Russell is a great guy to work with.
  3. Wasn't going to comment because I couldn't come up with a clean enough way to say it. Well put.
  4. Ended this morning 5 for 6. Took first hit on a dipsy 65 back on a green flasher/pickled sunshine fly and the fish bent the hooks straight. (Gotta love fishing with people who insist on tightening the drag despite whatever you say). Next two hits came on a glow ladder back Ace Hi on 100ft of copper. 9 color with a wonderbread j-plug took another nice king. Glow Ace Hi fired again on the 9 color and we ended the day with a coho on the same flasher and fly setup. Best depth was 65-75fow. Picked up the coho in 120fow. Second trip now spoons and riggers have been dead for us. Fish were from 8-18lbs.
  5. Based off of your description, you may be fishing to deep in the water column for the predawn bite. It is quite common to pull fish out of their "temperature zone" when fish are aggressive. Alot of the fish this year have been coming in the top 40ft of the water column. Thats not to say you wont catch fish deeper, but more aggressive fish may be feeding above the thermocline as well. Just a side note, from my trips out this year I have noticed that the fish seem very color selective. The fish may be hammering green one day and won't touch a spoon with any blue on it, but the next day or evening later in the evening the fish won't look at green and all they'll strike is blue. What has worked best for me this year is to have a diverse spread and let the fish tell me what colors they seem to prefer. Like I said, this may be just me, just my two cents. Good luck, there's some big fish around!
  6. How are you rigging your boards then...It never fails we can tell the person with the rods in there hands to keep the rod tip aimed at the boards until they are at the back of the boat so the board doesn't dive....the board dives on them every time. We've lost a few boards to broken lines this way. Allowing the boards to release has helped us a lot with this problem.
  7. Anyone use these for planer board stops? They tend to kink my mono leader. Thoughts? If your not using these, what are you using instead.
  8. Sounds like replacing hooks with new ones isn't good enough. What hook sharpeners work best for you?
  9. Frustrating evening....just could not stay hooked into the fish. Ended 1 for... 9. Best depth was 120-140 fow. Could not get any high lines to fire. Riggers down 72 with blue dolphin had a few hits. 300 and 350 coppers with Blue Chilly Willie and U of M Froggie took a few hits and some solid screamers, just could not hook up! One rip on a dipsy 210 back with a paddle and oceana fly. Managed one steelie on a high line (finally) on a Mandarine Minnow. Not sure why we weren't hooking up, we lost some very solid fish. Even lost two about 50ft from the back of the boat. Back out next week, we'll see how this front coming through changes the fishing for the weekend....
  10. I've read a lot of posts and have talked to numerous fishermen this year claiming their meat rigs have been very successful for them. I don't have a very complete arsenal of meat rigs, and have read of some of the "meat rigs" everyone runs, but when I look for them in stores or online, I find that they are only the flashers. So what kind of teasers do you run with you flashers? Of my limited success with meat rigs, I have noticed that tensile teasers have outfished my silicone/rubber teasers, anyone else notice the same?
  11. Excellent trees and great customer service. Cant go wrong.
  12. Thanks for the report and the pics Matt, nice job!
  13. RV Flounders were excellent for us this year. Funny we could only get them to fire on cores though...but when they were out on cores they were consistent. Friend of mine ran the Dancing Anchovy and the Wonderbread on his riggers and did very well on them as well.
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