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  1. Would love the walleye too! About 5 years ago, was trolling the channel for kings with my dad, who incidentally likes to drive and rarely grabs a rod. We were on the mac end of the channel and he happened to be in the back of the boat when a rod went. He grabbed it and immediately declared it a sheephead as it didn't pull hard enough for a mature salmon. Lo and behold, he was wrong- into the boat comes an 11 lb walleye! As we laughed and marveled, I turned the boat around in mac and headed for the channel for some more salmon action (we had caught several dark pigs already). As we returned to the same spot, the same rod (with yellow j-plug) fires again and my dad, who just reset it, pulls in a 13 lb walleye! What are the odds of two accidental master-class fish within 5 minutes of each other?!? Needless to say, he returned to his post at the wheel with a grin on his face and no need to touch another rod
  2. Slow morning, but managed 3 kings 12-15 lbs and one 13lb laker. Fished 120-140 ft btwn Holland and Pt Sheldon. 2 kings on 11" white paddle/ artic ice fly 120' down on rigger, 1 on white/ mtn dew spin doctor/ green fly on 300 copper, laker 110' down on rigger- green ladderback j-plug. Marked a few fish, mostly within 15' of bottom, but no real concentration. Must be out deeper yet, but all 3 kings were mature females, suggesting the 4-yr-olds may be moving in soon.
  3. Finally found time on a flat lake to take my 5-year-old out. Set up too deep and spent the first hour and a half trolling between 150 and 200 with nary a bump and only a few stray marks on the graph. Worked inside of 130 about an hour before sunset and started marking both fish and bait. Tied the little guy onto four nice kings from 5 to 12 lbs., all within 45 minutes, trolling east the entire time. Needless to say, he had a ball as he landed each one (beginners luck?)! All four came on a Coyote JP Slammer 60ft down on the rigger. Nothing else in our spread took a hit. Thanks to all who continue to post- it has been a blast this spring knowing where to start and what's working (though if I would have read Dave Ash's report from the morning before heading out, I wouldn't have over-ran them to begin the night). Tight lines to all for as long as the fish stick around!
  4. Left the launch around 10:00 and started setting down in 85ft. Picked up first king in 115 and missed a couple more around 120'-130'. Didn't like the way the waves were building out past 120', so turned south east and found a couple more kings and a coho on the way in to 100'. Ended with a laker around 80' before pulling lines. Talking with others at the fish cleaning station, sounds like there are kings around 120'-140' and a larger mix of kings and coho out beyond 160'. Our biggest king came inside (around 100'). Possibly lakers on the bottom inside of 100'. White paddle with green fly down 120' on rigger and blue with orange ladder-back JP Slammer down 100' on rigger were best for us. Still lots of fish around; now if only the lake would lay down a bit on days I don't have to work ....
  5. Fished beach down to sliders with no action. Lake laid down a bit so decided to run out to about 150 ft around noon. Pulled lines a little before 2 when waves kicked back up out of north. Finished with 4 coho and one king in the box that went 18lbs on the scale (I think that is a little high); threw back 3 other small hos. Anything out worked- best was red spoons on free sliders on riggers down 100 and 150. Red tiger thinfish took one 100 back on slide diver; king came on a copper spoon on 300 copper. Best depth was 160-170, east-west troll at 2.3 on GPS. Great to be back on the water!
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