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  1. LOL FBD....nice! The wife let's me at least fish, she may not go for the cocaine and hookers but that was a great statement!
  2. Backyard method. Makes an afternoon ya can't fish not so bad
  3. Great report! Good to hear someone gettin' after em'
  4. Salmon are fun to catch...but hooking into slab gills on light tackle and 6lb line is still a great fight no matter how old I get. Still my favorite kind of fishing to do.
  5. Kids had a half day so we swapped big lake gear for the bluegill rods. Ended up with 30 to bring home. Mix of gills and sunnies. They had a riot, fish cooperated nicely.
  6. Heading out for gills today instead at the kids' request on their half day of school. Thanks for that report though FBD
  7. Fishing the skinny water? Was thinking about that later with the family.
  8. Wow Jon, that's a long day aboard the vessel. Thanks whatahoot for the report. May hit it this week out front to see if we get lucky
  9. Sunday night we found a pocket of 51 degree water 25 down, marked a couple but no takes. As we approached the channel water temp 15 down was around 55 by my probe so it's coming up. PS buoy said 40 on surface.
  10. Oh yeah, that was basically our goal, just go for a cruise. My 5 year old was bugging me to go fishing so we packed up. Fish woulda been a bonus. Instead of cleaning fish I cleaned up the turkey from the weekend to cook this week
  11. Last minute decided to hit the lake with wife and kids for an evening cruise. Went south along the beach running spoons, body baits and deep husky rapalas. Went maybe 1.5-2 miles. Turned west to 30-40. Dropped riggers, 100 copper, 2 and 3 color, high lines. Marked 2 fish in 40ish in 50 degree water. Trolled in and quit. Great night in the big pond, wish I had more for you guys out there. Have to learn how to fish south haven by the reports
  12. Awesome! Looks like I need to learn how to fish south haven.
  13. I do that with deep husky rapalas for browns. About 75' back in 4-5fow. They can't resist the debris being kicked up
  14. Logs are what scares me making those early morning runs in the dark
  15. I've had more luck running a regular size spoon behind a 1 oz egg sinker back about 75' and out 200' from the boat, but the 1 color didn't get anything. I'll try a body bait on a core and a sinker set up and see what happens. I don't know if the sinker gives some blow back or different action but that's been more successful for me than a 1 core.
  16. Not a bad haul of fat yellow bellies. I personally haven't seen any great silver fish reports lately. I was going but my wife and kids had other plans
  17. I was yard working and had kiddos after school...looked like a great afternoon.
  18. Sorry man, few more hours notice and I woulda jumped on board. Looks awesome out there from the spyglass webcam.
  19. Thanks fellas! Looking forward to putting names and faces with people on here.
  20. I am Also looking to be a rider and split or enter my boat. I don't care either way. Not sure if I can get my regular fishing partners to commit. I think I am out the first league day but the rest of the summer looks good. Feel free to text or call 616-834-three723
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