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  1. This is late but for future FYI.... In case you didn't figure it out manistuque is huge and shallow. Need to find weeds and structure. I caught 4 in a week in 2014. 3 while perching, 1 trolling a shallow crank. My brother does decent in the northwest part when they go. Hope you had fun. We stayed at sleepy eyed goose on the south west side. Les and Kristy are great, little boat marina was great, had a fun week up there
  2. Besides red I am going to try green and yellow. I am going to buy some good trebles and tie them in the vice and then just switch out the hooks. When I get to it I will post the final product. Hopefully I get to test the theory.
  3. Very cool hobby!! My brother is a sheriffs deputy and is scuba certified so he and a buddy are going to start doing that next summer.
  4. What type of sonar are you using? That's an awesome set up for structure
  5. Fantastic trip! I will definitely be doctoring some spoons at the fly tying bench this winter. Thanks for sharing that trick. You find it works on the steelies mainly or do salmon like it too?
  6. Never checked temp. Just sounded like fun to go and try. I've never fall fished before.
  7. Second fish looks to be a small king with the forked tail. Either way looks like a fun afternoon. I was on Muskegon lake trolling pike and walleye until 8:00pm and it was beautiful after dark as the breeze died down
  8. Thanks for the reply. Might have to give it one more shot
  9. Steelhead don't run in the fall to feed, they run because that's how they are programmed. Steelhead have been running rivers in fall since they were introduced in the late 1800's...way before salmon. However, the do sit behind salmon and chow down because that's easy food rather than chasing bait fish. So as the salmon trickle out steel and browns switch from eggs to baitfish naturally. But they still can't ignore a good spawn bag drifting by. I used to fish fall/winter a lot with a couple very very accomplished fly fishermen and learned a lot from them. Now with kids I don't get as much river time, if any.
  10. I like the doctored spoons. Combine the flash and sizzle of a fly with the action of the spoon. Gives them a target to zero in on. That's a nice healthy looking fish
  11. You guys are making me question whether I put away my stuff or not. Going for walleye on Muskegon Tuesday. Could be the last voyage...
  12. Awesome! I miss fishing the river. Especially for browns behind the salmon. Gotta get back at it when my schedule allows.
  13. When I did go I had probably equal as last year. I didn't go as much this year as last summer. I had mostly kings this year out of my catch. We only targeted lakers once out of Leland. I can say from the river reports, or lack there of, and zero fish spawning behind my house currently the numbers are waaaayyyy down.
  14. There were quite a few pushes of fish through and with the temp change I think pier trolling is the way to go. I want to go but work and family activities are blocking the boat time. Hopefully next week
  15. That's a really nice colored fish too. I got one in 85 2 weeks ago more brown color than that
  16. Didn't hear of a boat missing. Saw coast guard chopper fly over holland about 10:15 this morning in town. Hope for the best!
  17. Way to go!!! That brown is a hog. Can't wait to get back at it next week. Just gotta find time around work. I read maybe the same article from wzzm13 yesterday. I know it sucks that salmon sticking is down, but it's better than having it crash. I know a charter captain that is still loading up on lakers for his clients. Steelhead are out in 200's so we might have to adjust our techniques. I love to fish, don't care as much what my target is, just love the sport and I think the DNR is doing what they can with the situation that has been given to them
  18. We had a double like that off a main and free slider a couple years ago. Lost the big one but got the smaller on free slider
  19. IF I was to go that's where I'd go....deep. Just got some new spoons for that purpose for next week.
  20. Out of holland Tuesday water was 65 degrees 45 down in 85....it's still warm in close
  21. On to deer season or river fishing! I'm still hitting the water when I can but thank you too for posting this summer!
  22. Sounded like there was better fishing last night in 150+. We got 2 in 85....had to work our butts off for them. Guy on the radio was 2-5 in 150ish before sunset
  23. Hit the lake with an old friend being his 2nd trip on the big pond. Excellent walleye guy, just doesn't come west much. Fished perch an hour or so, got 1 in the first 40 seconds then just searched around for nothing. Went trolling instead. Dropped in 60 heading west marking a bunch but no takers. Eventually in 85fow 225 took a good rip on a wonder bread j plug. 12lb make king that shoulda been up river. Fought like a steelhead though, was surprised to see it brown. Then after dusk rigger at 75 pops also in 85fow on a silver hoarde glow ladder back I just bought today. Nice silver king. Gorgeous night on the water and we got into a couple. Here's my buddy Todd with our catch
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