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  1. Had a long break at work so we hit the lake at 8:15. Got fishing by 9ish in 80, first fish hit in about 90 when I was setting my 5th rod about 9:05 Dipsey out 175 11" paddle yellow fly 13lb king Finally got 6 rods set and the other dipsey takes a rip at 9:20. Dipsey 125 out mt dew 8" paddle and fly 11lb king. Missed one at 10:00ish...quick 3 head shakes and gone before we got to the rod. Looks like we hit the end of the morning bite. Nice quick trip for 2 fish.
  2. Jmiron25 - thats a bummer with your son. I've been fishing with my dad since I can remember, I am 33 and between my kids, dad and brother it's hard to beat family fishing buddies. If I am in Pentwater September I will look you up and we can hit the lake!
  3. Goof luck, have fun! I will be putting steel on a roof instead of fishing. Gotta support the addiction somehow
  4. I have friends that are like "what if we take last in the tournament" My response is always "someone has to so we might as well fish" Hoping to jump in one soon
  5. How does one decide what presentation to run while solo? Go with quick rods like riggers or just experiment and see what they like?
  6. Sharp hooks are awesome!! Everyone should sit with a 6 pack and just have a hook sharpening afternoon. I did and have about a 90% landing rate the last 2 years.
  7. Nice!! Those kings will be running rivers in 5-6 weeks so the eggs are getting close. Doesn't seem like it's approaching September already because kings just got going good
  8. Awesome on those home mades. If your other lures are that poor hook up % I would be sharpening hooks. I ALWAYS sharpen mine and my total lake michigsn this year is 17 for 18 in 4 trips
  9. Nice fishing! Best looking fishing crew I've seen on here...lol
  10. I run a 17' sylvan and I have 2 more rod holders in the front of my boat I run high lines on so with 3 people I run 8 lines with no trouble. Last night I tried a stacked rigger for 9 rods just to get the maximum out there. 2 riggers, 2 dipseys, 2 deep coppers, 2 shallower copper or leadcore
  11. Went 3-3....not shabby. Got fishing around 6 southwest in 70. Trolled around out to 125 and came back to the 100's. Marked good fish all night. 8:00 laker about 5# grabbed antifreeze meat rig behind a 10" SD 80 down 100 fow north troll Sun went down and we thought it might be done so started heading east. 9:15 225 goes ripping out...bout a 12# king in 86fow 9:20ish same thing and about a 10# king in 78 fow Spoon was a yellow frozen toad BIg Lake Lure magnum. Beautiful night, hope it keeps getting better. Sounded like there were a few picking away at them after 8:00
  12. Gotta love getting those kids on the rods. Mine are 8, 6, 4 and the older 2 boys are getting the hang of down rigger rods on small lakers. Not willing to hand them a $300 copper set up yet on a big king
  13. Eltrain84 - We fished just west of the harbor out of Leland at that first drop off from 50-130ish. 3 of 4 lakers came in the 50 water and the kings and steel were as we were heading off the break any west direction. Such a cool spot to fish with that kind if drop off to key in on a path
  14. No we caught 3 in our 2 trips. Never fished that area before but spent 5 hours in 2 trips for a total of 7-8. 3 lakers, 3 nice kings, 1 steel, most of which had good ales in them. I understand stocking was cut, weather has been really tough but fish are out there, just gotta be lucky to find some feeding I guess
  15. Hit another 15 lb king in Leland this morning that was full up on ales. Great to see these fat healthy fish! I could definitely fish Leland again next summer
  16. My guess is your nascar spoon was an orange flounder pounder...just a guess though. Nice catch and good first report
  17. Caught / kings in Leland Thursday. One was empty, one had 7 alewifes or herring, who knows. They came within 1/2 mile of one another. Lakers were full up too. Bait is there, I think we just got lucky as first timers out of that port
  18. Wow! Best report I've seen. Awesome job! And didn't have to go far to do it
  19. Looks like 25lb....great camera work! That's a beautiful fish
  20. I will be up in Glen Arbor July 13-19...would love to pitch in gas money or take someone who knows where to fish during that week in the Frankfort area.
  21. That's an awesome fishing time. I'm about ready to start doing that instead of running for salmon
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