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  1. Thx! Hoping to sneak in a trip this week now that it's safe out there
  2. Currently the buoy is right if you look at the cameras
  3. I second the filters. Not an expert, but I've heard a lot of people nowadays complaining about fuel with the new ethanol regs and such. Luckily I've had good times running premium through my 125 2 stroke
  4. Felt liked it turned out really nice after it blew through. Oh we'll...live to fish another day
  5. That's a fun and frustrating morning. Fish always bite when you're preoccupied with something else. Saw your truck at the launch, nice set up!
  6. Better than us....1-2. 12lb king, broke off a big hog. Left for the storm with everyone else
  7. Darn storm! Fishing wasn't great for us but oh well. Started the morning with no lights, GPS, bilge or live well. Found out just dirty terminals so we got going. 12lb king on 150 copper in about 70 moonshine green sarge. Probably 7am Break off on the antifreeze meat rig back 175 on a diver in 100. By the feel that May have been our 20lber.
  8. Awesome! That was my plan tomorrow. Had a couple friends out in 100+ that had 1 as of 9:15
  9. Looking forward to getting the boat back in the water....it's been a long 2 weeks.
  10. I still swear by a 6 pack and afternoon of sharpening but snubbers sound interesting. Like rubber bands on riggers...
  11. I learned a lot from Dave this spring and caught good fish. I use advice to mix into my presentation. I think this time of year when those king are aggressive in the morning throw anything glow out there. We got 1 on flasher fly and 2 on spoons. Later in the morning/daylight I think plugs, flashers, flies, meat rigs do better simply due to the action. But like you said, to each their own. Next trip will be plugs and paddles.
  12. Your down rigger cable is basically straight to the ball. Your mono line has a bow by the nature of trolling speed. That free slider ends up just hanging out in the middle at that bow in the line. I only run free sliders with spoons or plugs, never with flasher fly...that can become a cluster mess really quick. I also only do it when it's a little slower fishing. If action is steady I don't bother
  13. Free sliders at tough, even with sharpened hooks. Just a lot of play in that line. In the case they are hitting free sliders heavy I would drop a rigger to the approximate depth and fish that area
  14. My dipseys I have a 50lb floor leader of 5' to the flasher. Early season not much hitting but lately they've been good. I would hesitate on 20lb flori as we'll pulling a $35 meat rig combo
  15. I've used 1 and 2 color and had success on both. I think it's just about getting that bait down away from the ball when they are spooked or wary
  16. I have a specific file I got with a rapala kit. Came with pliers, file, holder, knife. It has a narrow groove the full length of the file. You can just pick up a hook sharpening file any sporting store I think. Method 1. Get a 6 pack of beer, sit in the boat and sharpen each hook 1 by 1. Every hook should sit on your thumb nail with the spoon dangling down. If it sticks to your thumb, it's sharp. Go until the 6 pack is gone or all your hooks are sharp. Method 2. Do it while the fishing is slow in the boat trolling. Also can be done with a 6 pack (or 30 with friends). My trips so far are... 7-7 5-5 2-3 5-7 The losses came on hooks that had a fish and I got it right back in the water...I will be taking a minute to sharpen them before they go in the water. Last year was around 90% landing ratio
  17. Fun weekend! Not bashing your fishing but try sharpening those Hooks if you haven't. Helped me slot 2 years ago and I lose very few now
  18. Funny how lure can vary port to port. In holland we got 3 glow spoon bites on riggers before sun up. Other 4 were on paddle fly or meat after sun up. Not a thing on our 1/2 core or coppers with spoons or j-plugs
  19. Yes..big weenie paddle ahead of the teaser and meat. It's a very shiny blue set up I just consider the meat rig to be the paddle to the hook.
  20. Picked away to end decent today. Launched at 5, dropped in 65 on a SW/W on the hunt. Went to 115 then back shallow away from the traffic in 85 where we stayed. Dipsey 85 back 11" glow paddle fly took an 8# king in 75. Got wrapped in a rigger line. Was just getting it untangled and a small coho grabbed the spoon on the rigger that had been tripped. Green sarge moonshine 3# coho, no depth, lure was way up high. Around 100fow rigger down 55 gets a hit on a Big Lake Lurr blue glow spoon, short fight gone, not a big fish. So 2-3 at this point, very slow fishing we head east to where nobody else is. Hit 85fow and the 300cu goes ripping with a big weenie blue meat rig. During the fight rigger down 60 mt dew paddle and fly gets hit. Lost that one but got the 300 in, 13# king. Now 3-5. Did another loop and got a small laker on same rigger with fly. 19" laker, threw it back thinking 20" was minimum...thanks to the radio for setting us straight at 15". Do another loop and the rigger at 80 goes with a 11" white paddle and yellow fly. Good tussle, gets into the other rigger, buddy makes basically the greatest net job I've seen and an 18# king comes in. Overall finished 5-7, quit at 10. 8# king was chuck full, 18# had 2 fresh ales, the other 2 were hungry, no ales.
  21. Nice job Kevin. Great of you guys to go try to find the stranded boat, we woulda done the same. I always figure what goes around comes around. Already did a tow in May through lake Mac...would do it again.
  22. Agreed with sparky. I like 100 and 225 copper on one side, 150 and 300 on the other. Tx44 planets for the long coppers, walleye boards for the others.
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