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  1. Got chased off by the waves today in the 17'er. Took a few over the bow and called it a day. Tried with a couple rookies but driving the boat was too hard and setting up. Marked good fish in 85-100 though straight out of holland.
  2. Good call on the all 3 sizes too. I've just ran random spoons with no pattern so I a piece of advice i was told is to run all the same Brand of spoon when you go to see what works on that day so that's what I'm trying tonight. Try a brand, try another brand, then try different sizes, see what happens.
  3. I am heading out of holland tonight. Planning on long lines with spoons and meat. Going to start by running all Big Lake Lures mag size and adjust from there.
  4. I like the idea of reflective tape. A good LED flashlight would work great.
  5. Nice work! Way to get home safe though when the weather turns not so nice
  6. If I didn't have tee ball I'd be in tonight. Games are done soon....then I would accept an invite :-)
  7. So if I can't launch until 7:30 that wouldn't be a bad thing....good to know
  8. I've reported 2 skunks so far. Caught fish on one trip out of 3 so far. Bout ready to drive to south haven or GH/ Muskegon unless holland picks up. Been tough this year. Might have to learn to like smoked sheephead
  9. That's awesome!! How big was that big hog? Looks like a good 25.
  10. Very nice. Finding biting fish was tough yesterday so you guys hit a hot spot...we'll done
  11. always a great time to fish! At the shore visibility was to bottom in 20ft. Wish I had a snorkel
  12. We quit about 4:15. Best marks were 85 and 70...just a couple of quick pods of fish. Good luck!!
  13. Had limited time so we started about 2:15 in 75 out of holland. Trolled sw in that area to 100. 2 meats, 2 flasher/fly, 4 spoons. Had a fish on meat on a rigger 60 down in 80 but didn't stick. Great afternoon boat ride except for flies and sea fleas....didn't expect those out today. 2 decent pods of fish...85fow and 70fow. Went shallow for sheephead for entertainment about 4:00 and ended up giving someone a tow back to anchorage. Just a great day for a boat ride
  14. You were out...I worked 12 hours then 2 ball games :-) Looking forward to getting out
  15. Looks like that fish wanted some sort of movement...maybe? Wonder if a zig zag troll pattern would cause that following fish to strike....
  16. I have read that although a set up doesn't catch fish, IT may be what attracts the fish to the rest of the spread. So even though flashers didn't catch fish, doesn't mean they didn't help to catch fish. Just something to keep in mind. Nice work catching this weekend!
  17. I buy reels on craigslist or here on classified ads...put on a few hundred feet of braid, add a 6' chunk of mono for the board, then put a copper on. Depending on the depth fish are biting I just change reels in the rod. I have 6 coppers, 3 rods. Takes 2-3 minutes to change, minimizes number of rods. Just a thought
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