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  1. It's time for me to re-spool my copper rigs but before I do, I could use some suggestions as to what line counters you are using to spool. I have the little clip on one's, one from Berkley and one from Rapela but I can never seem to get through a reel without a hiccup, like line slipping out of counter, putting too much backer on, even though I followed the handy spreadsheet that many people seem to use. Are you using the little cheap counters like me? Any tips? I got so frustrated last time I told myself I was gonna pay someone to do it, which is still not out of the question.
  2. Word is the fishing was fantastic in 170-230 fow this morning. Some steelhead being caught at the arms. The good fishing before the blow was 180-200. The fish that are out there don't seem to care that the beach temps plummeted. They are perfectly happy where they are at.
  3. DW Lemon Ice Blue/Green Dolphins This year I can't put away the Fuzzy Bear Flea 4 All (mag)
  4. When you guys say Spro "regular" swivel are you referring to the "power" swivels or are there 3 swivels Spro makes (Heavy, power ,regular)?
  5. Uhhggg.. Was it the one with the red x that shows up in the icons? If it was and if anyone ever gets that one (pretty old malware scam) this is what to do. >shut down >restart in safe mode (tap f8 repeatedly on start up) > download malwarebytes and scan computer with it. Scanning with AVG or Avast won't fix it... Malwarebytes - free http://www.malwarebytes.org You actually had a fake virus. If the guy you took it to really charged "quite a bit", you got taken for a ride.
  6. Iv'e been hearing this lately. What size swivel seems to be the consensus? I assume you put the copper through the swivel and twist it around itself a few times? Or am I way off here?
  7. 1. I'm reading that the Berts/Cannon/Traxstech tracks are the same dimensions (interchangeable with said rod holders). Is this correct? 2. Are the quality (build, looks, strengths) of these said tracks similar? I'm looking to add a couple more 24" tracks and I seem to be able to find the Cannons at a better price (about $15 per less). I have only seen/used the Bert's in person.
  8. Ok, thanks for the response KJ. Figured it was user error. I'll try again later when I get home.
  9. Hi fellas, first off, great spreadsheet! I've been using this for awhile now. However, it hasn't worked for me the last couple days. It opens up but I am unable to put any calculations in. Is anyone else having this problem or is it user error (me)?
  10. Looking for the copper trolling video from Best Chance II and might be interested in picking up another Okuma CV-55 or similar large reel with a decent retrieval levelwind in working order. pm me with pricing/info
  11. Noooooo!!! Anybody save this video on their hard drive?
  12. Looking for 2-6 diver rod holders for dipsy's. i.e. Berts, Big Jons, Traxtech, and so on.... Shoot me a pm if you have any you're looking to sell.
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