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  1. Wasn't sure if stringer was a good idea but i guess I'd agree with both of the above. Fish will bleed themselves and they are great to clean that way.
  2. I slit the throat with a fillet knife and toss them in the live well with jugs of ice. Very little blood when I fillet them. I think the water helps to bleed them out faster rather than sitting idle in the cooler but I haven't tried a cooler yet.
  3. Ran to 90the and set down usual spread of 2 riggers, 2 dipsey, 150 and 300I copper. East wind really kicked up so we decided to take the sylvan 17 to 40ish out if the wind. Had a good legit release on a rigger at 30 and line snapped somewhere in the middle. Marked a few fish and bait balls in 47fow. Marked alot in 113fow. Alas....too choppy for us so we called it.
  4. Thanks for the report. we are heading out Wed. afternoon if its not raining too much. Hoping to get a few in the box before it gets too wet in the boat.
  5. Thanks..heading out Wednesday hoping for a good result
  6. Shake down trip out of the way finally! Tired of reading reports and not giving my own. Dropped in about 90 at 6:30, got to 100 and had our first fish on a dipsey set on 3 at 105 feet out on spinnie and fly. (mt dew pattern) Found our 2nd fish in 117 90 down on 11" white paddle and fly 3rd fish same as the 2nd. 4th fish came on 150 copper with a green and yellow spoon with a big eye All nice kings, 2 in the upper teens, 2 mid-teens. Crazy thing is when we filleted the fish we almost has a 5 gallon bucket full of just meat, these fish are huge this year! They are also hitting aggressive. All 4 fish had the treble hooks buried with all 3 hooks in the mouth. 2 that bit the fly had the treble and lead hook in the mouth. Great first trip out there. Reading another report from the pier heads made sense because on the way out of the channel there were a ton alweives jumping on the surface. No big fish marked but all the way out to the pier heads we saw them jumping around. I made the joke they were juvenile asian carp as we drove by.... Tight LInes everyone!!
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