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  1. south haven no gate but cops sometimes harass you untill they see your fishing North pier
  2. While there isnt a great return, it is far better than 1%, i can take you to one stream on the joe that has had 1 per. already this summer which would be 2500. They dont stray mor ethan other strains of steel, but will pick just about any river to return, whatever is closest when conditions are right. GH was good 2 days ago ago as well, we had an awfull batting average but got 9-17 1 king 1 brown
  3. Any brand seems to work fine, and if your just doing short lead for steel then diameter doesnt matter much. 27lb,1, 2, 3 and 4 colors with long leads aremy choice and you could do that off one spool.
  4. Not saying you were in the wrong but why were you close enough to someone while setting lines to where you could hear him yelling or make him turn? Not saying that many charter guys dont act like you owe them the turn but also know alot of guys have no clue how to drive espcially around the piers and in the mud, you do not troll east and west but yet every time it flips guys do it and then act like your in the wrong
  5. I ran a few mags this week and never took a fish on them, very few fish on plugs, just something to deal with i guess, sometimes speeding up or slowing down can help but hasnt seemed to.
  6. Had a much slower trip last night, did see a few fish caught, just to many shaker kings in there for us, good to see some around either way, but only caught a few shakers then left before primetime because buddy was green even with it flat as a pancake, just some rollers.
  7. Headed out into the fog last night around 5 good trip took 4 browns and 2 kings and the biggest channel kitty ive ever seen right around 20#s, deepest fish was 44, most were around 40, dipseys were best, one with a osg spoon and one with a plug, all the browns were 4-8lbs, kings were both 2 yo fish or younger 18-20inches. Browns were puking ales This morning, got out shortly after light, ended up with 5 kings a coho and a brown, bigger brown right around 10lbs, and had a bigger 2 yo king, around 8 or 9 lbs, the others were small. Lost one big steelie, looked back at star side and a steelie was airing it out, no boards moving no rods going, jumped 5 times then finally 30 seconds later the outside board a high line with a shad thinfin finally went ended up losing it. took a few on thin fins most on spoons color didnt seem to matter, everything on boards today though, flat lines down to 4 colors.
  8. wont be able to get a spot out there now lol, On that note all pier will be good this week
  9. Hummingbirds, Monarch butterflys and bats all have a migration pattern that take them across the lake, thats why you see a bunch more this time of year, we saw 4 bats last week. And Monarchs are really starting to migrate, amazing a butterfly knows to travel all the way to central america!
  10. Be interesting if you could keep track of what type of spoon and what speed you were running in different clips, should hlp to se what spoons work best at what speeds.
  11. I fish in 14 and 17.5ft. regulary, and i deal with the guys on plain running by, dont like it but it happens. What i hate more is how you get no respect while your trolling, if your in a small boat it doesnt matter if they turn right into your spread with theres, its your fault they feal like you dont know what your doing because your not in a big boat. And you should turn for them. Unbeleivable how some charters have cut me off 2 litterally took coppers from me when i had been going straight line same direction as evryone and they trun right across you, 1 out of GH imparticular, and one out of saug. act like they own the lake. Or there the worst drivers ever...
  12. Thanks, i might have to try a few of those for when they get that deep. Do they pull on the boards much more? I dont have riggers so might be a good way for me to get deeper without having to get 450 and 500 cu's.
  13. great report! how deep do you think those 200's with the dive bombs are getting?
  14. good luck but next few days might be unfishable looks like. There is probably a few in man. lake if you cant get out, be better than nothing. Lots of Meat fish my buddy up there is saying, deep coppers and divers.
  15. Yea Port Sheldon is a mess thats for sure, lots of Rich plessure boats that look down at you and cut you off. Had a guy with 2 jet ski's talk to a friend on the phone for 10 ish minutes last time out with trailor just sitting in the water, then he put the skis on the trailer and pulled out but only 10 ft. and took another 10 strapping them down while still blocking the ramp and 4 boats waiting to get in:confused: I think it is more stupidity than anything else.
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