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  1. Came across these on Youtube. Maybe a lil overkill, but I think these are awesome... iuA_qTHtJ78 If video does not show after posting can someone fix it to show the video on here instead of clicking the link...or help me out on how that gets done.
  2. Know this has been awhile and not sure if you care anymore but...Purple Taco Fly Supply has thin cut 'Bandaboo' similar to the stuff Dreamweaver and Raptor uses. It is banded (all connected) so it is easier to work with...what you are looking for tho is called "tinsel 'strand' mylar", I believe and I have found it @ Cabelas, Gander Mt. and Michael's craft store before. I like the thinner stuff to over the thicker strand materials.
  3. Article that might help explain a little more what is going on...I happen to know the guy that caught the MA out of Ottawa Co.... http://www.mlive.com/outdoors/index.ssf/2013/11/2013_salmon_returns_the_low_do.html
  4. Buster- please keep us in mind and let me know when we could go. Randy- A friend of ours should be in touch w/you soon if not already and I am really hoping to make it up there. Thank You!
  5. Here's the deal...Who here has a beagle(s) or some type of coonhound that might allow me and my son (17) to JUST SPECTATE and stay out the way and just listen as you run your dogs? I am not looking to go "hunting" (though we will buy a license and look the part), and we would really prefer no guns be involved , but we will take what we can get. I would just really LOVE to go out and hear some dogs work and listen to them run and let my son experience what that is all about at least once in his life instead of telling him. It's no wheres near the same. I have grown up owning at least one beagle until I turned about 24 yrs. old (38 now) , in my "prime" and at one point I had four beagles and a black and tan coonhound. It has been waaay too long since I have heard the sweet sound of a hound or two... or three... or four... hot on a trail or barking up a tree. Would be willing to travel up to 2 hours from Grand Rapids and wherever it leads us after that. Not sure what I could offer in assistance or to help out with otherwise (maybe a fishing trip?), but if anything comes to mind and this sounds like something doable please shoot me a PM. If anyone knows of any hunting clubs that allow tag- a-longs and has a meet planned or maybe when and where a field trial is taking place (rabbits/coons) that allows spectators and in the near future somewhat close to the G.R. area that would be great also. Thanks
  6. This is what we all have to look forward to beating now. http://www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/field-notes/2013/07/kiwi-angler%E2%80%99s-42-lb-brown-trout-official-world-record
  7. Was there a lil over a week ago and caught one smallmouth on a crawler and found one 1992 dime with my metal detector...
  8. Nice! ...looks like you had the whole channel to yourself too.
  9. Mark- We brought it to Gold Coast after fishing that dey and they could not find their commercial / certified scale to weigh it. After that we called every grocery store and bait shop in the area we could think of and NOBODY will weigh a fish for Master Angler... EXEPT BOGOSMOKEHOUSE in Caledonia.... once again that's BIGOSMOKEHOUSE.COM Caledonia, Michigan. Just got back from there and they were great, weighed his fish and the place smelled outstanding as we were doing it. Ended up being 27.45 lbs. more than two days later so he just made it and thank god cause this took a LOT of time and effort and driving around! Also far as the fishing on Saturday we didn't think it was really too bad or crowded and everyone was very friendly and smiling and waving at each other and rooting each other on from what we saw. Even those pesky silly sail boaters were getting into it. It mighta got a little crowded right at first light and for a few hours after as everyone was starting to head out (compounded by the fact the fish were in flurry mode right at first light) but you gotta expect that and especially on a Saturday, and my radio doesn't work so maybe I missed some things. I duno, but we had a good time.
  10. Fished in L. Mac and the channel an out in front of pier and out to 50fow for about TWELVE hours and got five kings, one shaker, and one 25" walleye. The fish hanging in the middle was caught by the guy on the right in the blue (out in L. Mich.), it bottomed out the DNR workers scale at 30lbs. at the cleaning station and she said it was off by about two pounds making it proly 28lbs. Going to have to take it to a commercial scale tomorrow cause nothing is open today and see what it actually weighs and hopefully he gets a master angler award. The kid caught the rest. Two SMALL dipseys 27' back. Two Riggers 12'-15' down w/ plugs 20' and 32' ft. back. Orange/Yellow/Greens
  11. It's My fish. Winner of the derby. Waiting for my check. Sorry guys.
  12. Sorry to hear about this Frank, but glad to see how your handling it. I'd a... An old business partners of Willy's has a brother that ran a guide service out of Canada and had a guide/taxidermist working for him (some 3-5+ plus yrs. ago). He has done a walleye and a lm. bass for Cam and touched up and fixed a lot of our old mounts...but specializes in walleye and reproductions if I am not mistaken. If you would like I can ask Willy and try to get the contact info. for you and find out if he is still even around. Good Luck
  13. I would say wd-40 definatly helps with sea fleas on braid so would have to imagine it would help w/ wire also...it will need to be applied frequently tho. I screwed up and put it on both my braid dipseys twice now , so not really too sure how much more it helped w/ it or without it on braid...but I know im getting more fleas on my rigger cables and downrigger flouro line than my braid dipseys now, which is a first. This might need a thread of its own...
  14. Same here...yes it works for fleas but at a cost (least for me), I noticed a BIG difference in fish hookups w/ flea flicker vs. flouro and reg. mono. on my riggers. I tried it about 5 years ago tho , it only lasted on my spools for around two months before I threw it out. I think its the "cloudyness" color appearance of it that fish can see and get turned right off from. The 100'-200' section of reg. mono. or flouro at the end would be the way to go if I was going to try that stuff again.
  15. I know what it is...I just wana see if any of you guys know.
  16. Its hard for me to believe that air bubbles are picked up by sonar like that. You would think it would shoot or pass right thru air bubbles. This turning out like a how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop kinda question.
  17. I dont know but im doing it right now anyways. I've often heard "It might not help but it sure doesnt hurt"...so why not.
  18. Lowrance product support says they would say it looks like interference from other sonar sources.
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FHVFV68LFQ And Wagner-Ride of the Valkyries
  20. I get it on my Lowrance and cant recall ever seeing it in under 100 fow. I sent the ? out to Lowrance product support today also.
  21. I always assumed that to be a school of fish and the reason they stack up like that is because the tranducer is picking up multiple fish @ the same depths within the "signal cone".I know when I start marking that it usually isnt long til fish on. I would like to know the real proven reason for this also, good question.
  22. Gotcha gotcha now...well when/if I happen to see anything in stores (G.R. area) in that quantity ill letcha know or if I happen to find a good killer online deal in that quantity ill pass it along also. Good luck either way you end up going.
  23. Have used Suffix in 12lb. on my spinning rods. Not superior tho, I dont think less its been around forawhile. I tried two kinds (Suffix)when it first came out, (red packaged spool and blue packed spool) cant remember how one was diff. than the other without looking. But no complaints on either in 12lb. test. Granted im using a 4-8lb. Maxima leader also so not sure if that is gona help you any. If Ande stopped making their line and its what you like and know works for you it might be best to bite the bullet and get a bulk spool now and then you got it for next time to. If that not an option and nothing else comes up leme know what lb. and how much your looking for/ how much you used to pay etc. and ill do some help searching best Ande deals. From just quick search I found 650yd. spool 20lb. Ande $20 vs. 600yd. 20lb. p-line flouro $24. (didnt catch shipping price) Havent had to play the compare fishing lines/ prices game in a few yrs. as im stuck on P-line myself for 15/20lb. rigger line. but I know how frustrating it can be when they stop making something you rely on and you gotta start experimenting all over again.
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