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  1. Kinda ironic but now that I think about it. Two/three yrs. ago I sold a bunch of spoons and im sure a few of them (proly about 6 or more) were Fishlander.
  2. Sigh...Frankie, you know...I think its your fault for making me this way. But you summed it up pretty good and Thanks. wd40 and a lil red bead??? You might have to show me again what thats all about, say late May sometime in June?
  3. Compare standard size stinger stingray-fishlander-wolverine silver streak-warrior-DW-and flintstone along side and on top one another. There is only slight differences in all of them. With stinger showing the biggest diff. in that its alot thinner than the rest, and DW and flintstone being the shortest. Stinger and Silver streak look more similiar to Fishlander to me than Warrior does. At some point it must make a difference. Has anyone else ever noticed that on some days one brand will outshine the other? Ive read a few posts on here and other sites that say this. Should I be buying the cheapest standard size spoons I can find in similiar colors?
  4. But you have run them side by side and for salmon/ trout? Why is 99% of what you run warrior? Are you sponsored by or on the warrior pro staff? @ free trip...id do it for you. But ok ill just take my money back and you pay shipping... They charged me $500 for it
  5. Even the blue and green is on opposite sides... I do appreciate your opinion Matt and its wut im lookin for, how well they compare. Not as much as id like to just stick with what I know works tho. Cause holding them side by side they look more than "slightly" diff. to me. You seem to be about as passionate about Warrior spoons as I am about a certain Fishlander spoon, and I might yet become a Warrior fan right along side ya. Hope I do cause trying to find a lure you really like after you run out and they stopped making it can be a hassle. They (Fishlander) still for sale I found and who knows how much longer ill be able to find them. So got an urge to stock up before that happens. But if people say they work just as good and I also find they work just as good then case settled. But if I dont...and since you said "Anything".... I want to trade my Warrior blue/green dolphin for one of your Fishlander blue/green dolphins and a free guided walleye fishing trip
  6. http://www.bigpapasportfishing.com/warrior_lures_1.htm "Uses same standard size blanks"...just under made in the U.S.A. http://www.bigpapasportfishing.com/fishlander_spoons.htm
  7. Dont know yet Jason, still have to see. I do know I like Fishlander blue/green dolphins. When I develope a favorite lure its hard for me to abandon it, or maybe im becoming to big a creature of habit... Either way id still like about six more of these spoons and even just getting blanks or ones w/ lots of paint missing will work.
  8. What I want is spoons with the EXACT same blank Fishlander used. If the only way to get them is to buy old used Fishlander spoons then thats what I will have to do. Not interested in trying anything new or improved or different, just want what I have already found to work great for me over anything else thru lots of trials. Thanks for offer, but I am 99.9% sure he (Mike) was one of the guys I already talked to that told me it was the EXACT same blank used on old Fishlander spoons, just the paint they use has been improved.
  9. I understand that and its why I believed so easily they were the same blanks as the old Fishlander spoons. Now which co. is using the same blanks as Fishlander used if any, or where does one buy that same blank that Fishlander used to use?...cause its not Warrior. I have never used a Warrior spoon so I cant pass judgement on them...yet. But I have a pretty good feeling its gona be just like a Stinger NBK vs. a Dreamweaver NBK kinda thing.
  10. Nice to see them admit it there anyways...why they couldnt have just told me that instead, id feel better than being lied to buy a spoon to try. Instead I heard it was the EXACT same blanks. Cause I made it pretty clear with three of them I only wanted the spoon if the EXACT same blanks were used...now time to find out personally just how much more better this new blank is. Cause im not just gona take their word for it again. cmon warm weather!
  11. Looking for reg./standard size Fishlander spoons, preferably blue/green dolphin flavor. Will pay $5 each regaurdless of paint chipping til I get about 6 for now.
  12. Some of you may be familiar w/ Warrior spoons taking over for or buying out Fishlander spoon co. or whatever.. Well I had read they are using the same blanks as Fishlander used to use. So desperatly wanting and needing more blue/green dolphin Fishlander spoons (im sure most of you are thinking whats the diff. a blue/green dolph. spoon is the same no matter who makes it and what blank is used, cept I disagree) I ask the guys at the Warrior booth if indeed it is the exact same blank Fishlander used. Was told by three guys that it is EXACT same blank except the paints have been improved. Get home and compare the two and these are NOT the same blanks. The Warrior blank is about 1/8" shorter and has far less octagon dimples than my old trusty Fishlanders. Now if I had not been told it was the EXACT same blank I would not have bought it. Luckily I only bought one to check and see first before getting anymore. Now if this ends up working for me just as good or better for me than my old worn out Fishlanders (which I doubt cause no other blue/green dolph. works as good for me yet as the Fishlander) then no problems...but clearly not the EXACT same blanks as they had said.
  13. Found out a quick stop @ Wendy's will get you $2 off admission also.
  14. Anyone know how/where to get coupons or discount on entry for the show?
  15. It's allready been broughten...
  16. Good news is, if you move to P.S. area and cant make it out of port due to low water levels Holland and Grand Haven ports are only bout 30 minutes away and should see you on the lake. At the cost of an extra half hr. to an hour or so tho...both better fishing ports anyways in my opinion.
  17. If anybody has any flying / helicopter lures for sale or a pocket fishing pole pen ill buy em from yah...what i dont get about most of these lure mfg. co. is everytime they make a lure i love and seems to work great for everyone they stop making it.
  18. I prefer to use the ones that have the red or black wax like stuff witth a slit cut, but they dont ever last long enough for me to be cost effecient. Have alberta clippers and they work but are bigger so more drag on the line an i think some fish might see them due to their size and be dettered when/if they see that thing 6ft. or less in front of a lure... Does anybody know what kind or type of wax stuff (it is a wax right?) is used on the swivels that they make those with and where to get some to make your own fixed slider swivels?
  19. Like old great Grandpa or Uncle Alfonse Soady used to say..."If you dont know where to start, go back to da beginnin"
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