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St Joe 3/29

Time fished:830-1pm
Area fished (GPS lat/lons 0ptional): pier heads south
Best depth of water to be over: 27-20'
Most productive troll direction: S
Depth of hits: 6'
Troll speed: 2-2.5 SOG
Rigger lead lengths: 58
Number of fishermen aboard: 3
Best lures & colors: CJ Salmon Buster Smurf 4.0 Reg size, thin body bait chrome/bk & red/bk stripes
Surface temp: 43-41
Down temp for hits (if known): N/A
Number and kind of fish caught: 4

Set lines from pier head mud and trolled south passed chalets, about 7 miles;  worked usual 27-20' in an out. 

Got  two on smurf spoon; once on 75' copper and then put it on side with 1/2oz weight.

Other two on thin body baits listed above.  Distance lines were out behind bid board was around 55' for all.

Nice day, mostly sunny, 1-2s.

Heard couple reports at launch; 2 guys got limit on mostly jointed rapalas; by chalets by us - we got none on them; another boat down at Cooke plant limited out.
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We must have just missed you or crossed paths cause we launched around 1pm or so. We ran to Cook but the front had come through and what I heard was a hot bite had died. In 2 hours we saw 2 fish caught and most everybody left. We decided to troll north in skinny water for browns and hit one nice stretch in 10-12' of water where we picked up 4 coho and a small king (go figure after we took off the coho tackle) then real slowly we picked up 2 more trolling in and out from 10-30'. I retire Sat and will be looking to fish with others my boat or theirs if you're interested. 

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Congrats on retirement, you'll love it.I retired 9/3/11.

Yeah, when wind started picking up around 1230, that was our last hit at the chalets.

Glad u got some on the way back. Got one between the water plant n concrete wall, other 3 between concrete wall n chalets. Working 20-27 fow.

After we got out of 43-44 degree water from pier head mudline, temp was pretty consistent 41-42 all the way to chalets.

You fish St Joe n SoHa a lot like I do.

When my oldest son's family/rental house is not rented we usually spent a few days each week in SoHa. So we could hook up then or other times. My cousin is retired n he lives in SoHa and he goes with me a lot.

But, as u know, there are many times when you can't get a crew together.

Text me at 517-750-7452 and we can share contact info.





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Congratulations on retirement Bob!  It's going to be great to go fishing on those flat morning week days when the crowds are down and not go when it's rough since you have 7 days a week to choose from.

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Congrats Bob!  Jealous!

Our Wellcraft 232 Fisherman is 2 years into big lake fishing with some success but still learning :unsure:

I am still working and have two more years to get through, I may have to burn a few vacation days to come out and learn how to do it! ;)

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