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  1. Take the 30 min. drive to Tackle Haven in Benton Harbor, he also sells on e-Bay as Alfs Tackle... I buy mine from Aaron at Lakeshore Outfitters in Saugatuck, another short drive.
  2. Thanks guys, We haven't been targeting early coho's the last few years (sorry, no great excuse!) to keep up with the subtleties of the spring hunt. Never to old to learn! All total, looks like this spring has been encouraging for the fishery.
  3. St. Joe 4/12 We ended up 1/1 with a small coho, Not a great day for our cooler but a great day on the water for my friends shake down cruise! We trolled from 50-150, Surface temps were all 45F until 135 where it dropped to 39F and the water finally cleared up a bit (out 8 miles!). Talked to a guy at the ramp who went to 200 and he went 4/7 with 185 the best. He said the water finally cleared up out at 200... Gotta say we were amazed at the warm water, 51F north of the piers! We followed our instincts thinking fish would come in to the warm water. We were way off, should have listened to the other reports of fish stacked up in 200 fow. Assuming all of that warm, dirty water pushed the fish out over deeper water? Thoughts?
  4. Thanks for the article! So, what is the growth rate of the Ludington Ciscos? I tried to quickly consult Google but found nothing... Can one assume if the lake trout like them, they are taking the yearlings? Two year olds. Just wondering
  5. Awesome stuff, thanks!
  6. Congrats Bob! Jealous! Our Wellcraft 232 Fisherman is 2 years into big lake fishing with some success but still learning I am still working and have two more years to get through, I may have to burn a few vacation days to come out and learn how to do it!
  7. I like using the Dive Bombs, they come in different weights and you don't need additional tackle or knots. You attach them 50 ft. or so from your lure or half way on a full core. I have quit using full cores and add it to a 5 or 7 core to get the same depth. Remove them before the fish gets too close to the boat. https://www.mistinger.com/dive-bombs
  8. Thanks for the good report. Awesome to hear your partner did well, should be a great summer! Brings back great memories of my Dad taking me out as a little guy... and I have been forever hooked and grateful!
  9. Holland also has a Paddle Wheeler that caters to Private Charters and Weddings. http://hollandprincess.homestead.com/hollandprincesshomepage.html
  10. I'm with you FBD! It can really be tough, especially from pictures. I'll stick with being jealous and live vicariously until I can get out there myself! Thanks Ed! Rick
  11. Awesome, thanks for the report! I have also heard of guys doing very well with the Steelhead run up the rivers the last month.
  12. Yes, MC's has some basic stuff. The Holland store has quite a large selection of Stingers, Silver Streaks and Moonshine spoons and plug selection. Also have ice fishing gear and a couple of Daiwa 47 reels left.
  13. White Lake Canvas has made several awesome covers for me. Highly recommend them. In Holland, Nautical Needle is good and as mentioned Canvas Innovations does good work also. I suggest talking to a couple of them, they will look at your boat and give you and estimate and design input before starting. From there you will be able to decide who you think will work well with you. What-a-Hoot
  14. MC Sports Going out of Biz? Sorry, I may have been the last to know it... but I stopped at MC's in Holland today and picked up a few spoons. All Fishing stuff is 15% off. Some other stuff as much as 30%. Not a great deal, but I would expect the sale will get better the closer to closing sometime in April. Rick
  15. Not sure where you live, but I buy ours from either West Marine (Holland or Grand Haven) or Cabela's (G.R.). Any major sporting goods store should have something relatively current. We keep our out dated flares as spares. You can keep expired ones (you just have to have something current, type dependant on type/size of craft) and in an extreme event, you can't have too many?! We also have contacted the Coast Guard and let them know when we are shooting them off for practice. They appreciate it so they can ignore the radio and phone calls... Think about it, how many of us have actually fired off our flares, especially the pistol type. Probably not a good thing to experience it for the first time when the stuff is hitting the fan! What-a-Hoot