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  1. Awesome, thanks for the report! I have also heard of guys doing very well with the Steelhead run up the rivers the last month.
  2. Yes, MC's has some basic stuff. The Holland store has quite a large selection of Stingers, Silver Streaks and Moonshine spoons and plug selection. Also have ice fishing gear and a couple of Daiwa 47 reels left.
  3. White Lake Canvas has made several awesome covers for me. Highly recommend them. In Holland, Nautical Needle is good and as mentioned Canvas Innovations does good work also. I suggest talking to a couple of them, they will look at your boat and give you and estimate and design input before starting. From there you will be able to decide who you think will work well with you. What-a-Hoot
  4. MC Sports Going out of Biz? Sorry, I may have been the last to know it... but I stopped at MC's in Holland today and picked up a few spoons. All Fishing stuff is 15% off. Some other stuff as much as 30%. Not a great deal, but I would expect the sale will get better the closer to closing sometime in April. Rick
  5. Not sure where you live, but I buy ours from either West Marine (Holland or Grand Haven) or Cabela's (G.R.). Any major sporting goods store should have something relatively current. We keep our out dated flares as spares. You can keep expired ones (you just have to have something current, type dependant on type/size of craft) and in an extreme event, you can't have too many?! We also have contacted the Coast Guard and let them know when we are shooting them off for practice. They appreciate it so they can ignore the radio and phone calls... Think about it, how many of us have actually fired off our flares, especially the pistol type. Probably not a good thing to experience it for the first time when the stuff is hitting the fan! What-a-Hoot
  6. Agree! (The Frankfort Chamber is going to love you!) It's been our home away from home in Holland for the last 25 years. We were up there 13 times last year and have plans to retire there. Having said all of that, the sleepy little downtown of Frankfort struggled for years but has been a lot busier the last couple of years (since Stormcloud Brewery come into town?), more business is a good thing!
  7. For us it's the same as someone else commented about their Spinnies, we leave our flies hanging somewhere to dry out before putting them away. We have space on our center console helm.... Somewhere where we don't lean into or bump into the hooks
  8. Thanks Ed, I think we're all going a little stir crazy about now!
  9. Frank, Glad to hear you are well on the way back to recovery! I am sure you are almost as anxious as we are to see you back to full speed! Rick
  10. What I meant by increasing the Alewife population, is about raising them and planting them from out hatcheries. I just don't recall hearing or reading about it in the Great Lakes. I'm a hobby fisherman and not a expert, but it seems raising bait fish would be more effective and economical? Here is an example from a Maryland Hatchery, note the ratio of predators to bait fish... Hatcheries Division 2015 Stocking Summary: •American Shad – 1,439,000 •Hickory Shad – 1,477,500 •Alewife Herring – 802,600 •Blueback Herring – 328,000 •Largemouth Bass – 33,242 •Walleye – 604,000 •Bluegill – 87,464 •Redear Sunfish – 20,000 •Hybrid Sunfish – 3,318 •Golden Shiner – 135,000 •Yellow Perch – 56,000 •Tiger Muskellunge – 4,000 •Trout – 470,030* *fall 2014 & spring 2015 stockings
  11. Awesome news, I like the proposal direction! Thanks for your efforts and update. Maybe I missed it but I haven't heard anyone talking about increasing the Alewife population? Looking forward to hearing how the conference call goes today!
  12. Nice catch guys! How do you like to prepare your gills? For those hand sized gills I will filet them or take the heads off, gut them and scale them. Salt and pepper (maybe a little Old Bay) and fry them up in a cast iron skillet on the grill until the tails are crispy (keeps the smell and mess out of our kitchen). Now I'm hungry, What time is the fish fry?
  13. Thanks Ed, looks like we need a few solid days for the water to set up.
  14. Any action on the Piers in either Manistee or Ludington? I'm heading up to the Platte River this Friday without a boat, thinking of taking a casting rod and trying the piers on my way back. I'll call the bait shops this week but I appreciate any updates!! Thanks! Rick
  15. Kudos for going out and gutting it out! Smart to go in when you did. We had two Sheep last Friday in 70 fow off of Holland, I don't recall catching this many this far away from the piers?!