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  1. We fished Holland Saturday 6:30-12:30. 1/1 with a 14 lb Laker and a throwback Laker. Both on DR 110 down in 125 fow, south troll. Setup in Mac, trolled out to 1/4 mile past piers, nothing but grass. Went out to 100 and reset lines, a dozen boats south towards Saugatuck in 130-140 so we trolled South until 9:30. Not even a release and radio silence so we turned around to take a break going Dow wind. Pretty rough 1-3's on the nose so we pulled the riggers for the turn and as I released 2nd rigger there was a dead heavy load on the line. Thought it was snagged on the rigger somehow... then it twitched it's head.... It may have hit it in the turn? As I released the rigger? Hell, who knows how long he may have been there?! The damn thing came up to the top in about 5 minutes and then it took another 10 minutes to get it in the boat as it's mouth was wide open. Kinda like reeling in a 5 gallon bucket! Only "hit" of the day. Better than a stick in the eye and a great day on the lake with my buddy!
  2. Grb r rrrv and Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  3. LOL! I'm with you Kevin! Although... Cost of getting out of my wife's hair for a couple of hours? Priceless!
  4. Holland 8/27 am Rough Day Fished 6:30 to 11:30, My buddy and I went 1 for 1 with an 8lb coho 100 down on DR in 118 fow. Caught on a Blue Halo Spinnie and Hypnotist fly. No white striped cat! Not much radio traffic, one boat reported 3 in the box with a ~20lb king and 2 coho. We saw one cooler full at the cleaning station, mostly small lakers with a nice king and a big fat laker, all in 120-140 fow. We headed straight out to 100 fow and set lines in what looked like 1-3 footers... fished 100 - 140 fow and ended the day in 2-4's with a few 6 footers. We lost a meat rig on a 300 cu, have no idea when as we were trolling into the waves and it was hard to tell which drag sounds were from launching off the top of the waves and which were hits. Reeled it in only to find the end of the mono leader where my knot failed (grrrr...). Wuff, so much for the wave forecast yesterday of 0-1's!
  5. Thanks for the report! Good to know after all the wave action Friday and Saturday life is still good ;-) Your report title says 8-5 am and your post says Sunday Morning... when did you go out? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the great report! Sorry to hear about the motor trouble Interesting to see your 300 Cu w/double or spoon hit, exactly what we hit last time out for a 30" King. I never thought to put orange down that deep until my buddy suggested it (after a couple hours of washing lures...) Hah! Best wishes with the motor!
  7. Thanks for the report, great 1st outing, smiles tell it all and the dog looks like it enjoyed it too :-)! Very cool! We had a similar "June" outing Friday night out of Holland, fished 5-9pm, washed lures in 100-150 fow until 8:15 when the sun got lower and hit a nice 10lb King on 300Cu with a Orange Chilly Willy in 104 fow. Landed by a guy who doesn't fish much. What a blast!
  8. Thanks for the report, very similar to our last two trips... early bites and nothing after 9am! Planning on going out tomorrow PM, looks like we'll be starting shallow...
  9. Good day! But I consider any day on the water with Dad is a great day :-). Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  10. Sweet! The smile says it all! Thanks for the great report!
  11. Absolutely, thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  12. Holland 5/21 12-3 pm Quick shakedown trip with my buddy Ken, 1 for 3 and a 15 in. King we released safely. We hadn't seen any reports from the morning following the storms and east winds so we put lines down in 80 fow south of piers, half way to Saugatuck. North troll, 2.3-2.5 SOG. Winds were SSW and got choppier as the afternoon went on. Our one fish in the box came 15 min's after first rods went down, 10 lb. King on 225 copper with Mag Blue Dolphin. Thought we were on for a decent day as we were marking a few decent fish. Nothing for the next 1-1/2 hours so we circled back south to our 1st fish spot and hit a screamer steelhead on a rigger free slider with mag blue flounder. Ball was 50 foot down, 2.5 SOG and 49F. We got it to within 10 ft. from the boat and it surfaced, zig zagged behind the boat twice and then danced on top of the water 30 feet sideways, right into our dipsy line. Bang, gone! 10 minutes later our chute flat line with a 4oz. dive bomb and plain regular sized silver spoon (left over from the 80's) went off screaming, set the hook and held on for about 30 seconds and lost it. Damn! Ended our day on a rush, the boat ran great and skunk out of the box... so can't say we had a bad shakedown!
  13. Take the 30 min. drive to Tackle Haven in Benton Harbor, he also sells on e-Bay as Alfs Tackle... I buy mine from Aaron at Lakeshore Outfitters in Saugatuck, another short drive.
  14. Thanks guys, We haven't been targeting early coho's the last few years (sorry, no great excuse!) to keep up with the subtleties of the spring hunt. Never to old to learn! All total, looks like this spring has been encouraging for the fishery.
  15. St. Joe 4/12 We ended up 1/1 with a small coho, Not a great day for our cooler but a great day on the water for my friends shake down cruise! We trolled from 50-150, Surface temps were all 45F until 135 where it dropped to 39F and the water finally cleared up a bit (out 8 miles!). Talked to a guy at the ramp who went to 200 and he went 4/7 with 185 the best. He said the water finally cleared up out at 200... Gotta say we were amazed at the warm water, 51F north of the piers! We followed our instincts thinking fish would come in to the warm water. We were way off, should have listened to the other reports of fish stacked up in 200 fow. Assuming all of that warm, dirty water pushed the fish out over deeper water? Thoughts?
  16. Thanks for the article! So, what is the growth rate of the Ludington Ciscos? I tried to quickly consult Google but found nothing... Can one assume if the lake trout like them, they are taking the yearlings? Two year olds. Just wondering
  17. Congrats Bob! Jealous! Our Wellcraft 232 Fisherman is 2 years into big lake fishing with some success but still learning I am still working and have two more years to get through, I may have to burn a few vacation days to come out and learn how to do it!
  18. I like using the Dive Bombs, they come in different weights and you don't need additional tackle or knots. You attach them 50 ft. or so from your lure or half way on a full core. I have quit using full cores and add it to a 5 or 7 core to get the same depth. Remove them before the fish gets too close to the boat. https://www.mistinger.com/dive-bombs
  19. Thanks for the good report. Awesome to hear your partner did well, should be a great summer! Brings back great memories of my Dad taking me out as a little guy... and I have been forever hooked and grateful!
  20. Holland also has a Paddle Wheeler that caters to Private Charters and Weddings. http://hollandprincess.homestead.com/hollandprincesshomepage.html
  21. I'm with you FBD! It can really be tough, especially from pictures. I'll stick with being jealous and live vicariously until I can get out there myself! Thanks Ed! Rick
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