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Favorite Picture(s) from 2013

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With spring fishing only a few months away, I thought we could get the blood flowin with some pictures from this past fishing season.

Here's mine, my best day fishing this past summer, getting my sister her first 20+ pound king and the view I never get sick of seeing.

Lots of great memories and friends made this past season. Can't wait for 2014! Lets see those pictures!




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Great thread idea...it was fun going through the pics. Quickly realized I don't take enough pics...remember so many great outings w/ good friends that I didn't find pics for. Holland Big Red and many outings on board Motion Show with Marty and Shane, the 3 of us and Nick on board the Pursuit for an amazing maiden voyage, etc. I had a great 2013 and looking forward to 2014 season:

A good friend, Bob, and a great fish that was one of a few 19-23 lbers in 3 hours one evening out of Holland. Had some good outings in the old Lund. Will miss my first boat.

p><p><img src=

The new-to-me Pursuit purchased in August.

p><p><img src=

Nick with a nice fish and an awesome sunset! Never did get him a 20 lber...good goal for 2014.

p><p><img src=

p><p><img src=

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2013 was good! Got to chance to run this awesome boat.

<img src="http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/1/6/5/6/down_time.jpg" alt="1656-down Time" />First charter out of Grand Haven as capt was good for me, even beating the boss.

<img src="http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/1/6/5/6/dtdown.jpg" alt="Danel Sportfishing" />1656-dtdown_thumb.jpg


58 pounds in 3 trout one day



Tournament season was not to bad for us as a team, a first in the ladies and Kids in Grand Haven.


Had customers on the 2nd boat that chartered for the Big King contest, respectable for a 18 year old, I thought


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Best pictures have to be having my son back in the boat with me after the go ahead from the Doc,. Back Surgery,



Wasn't too long after that he lost one of his eyes to cancer, We did get a trip in after he had it removed and a now has a fake one.

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Here's some of my 2013 highlights. For salmon, it was a year of learning for me. Just my second year at it and I'm learning a lot, with still a long way to go!

My biggest salmon from the lake so far - 19.75lbs. In the Holland channel this fall.


An early season Laker my buddy Chris landed


Got a baby sitter and made it out for a fun evening.


Found the best way to make Lake Trout edible!


I was an observer for Fly Catcher in the Big Red Classic. They got 4th and I learned a lot!


Detroit River walleye jigging.


Made it into the money in my company bass tournament.


There weren't any steelhead in the Pere Marquette but we sure found the trout.


Late season limit of geese.


Meat in the freezer


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This was our first year back into fishing on Lake Michigan in 20+ years. Very Thankful for all of the information that we got from this site and the members.

My Niece got her first Steelhead, My wife her first Salmon, my Dad with the biggest of the year.




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