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  1. It would be cool to have a camera on the graph & be able to link up what you are seeing underwater vs. on the sonar.
  2. Could not find my knives this weekend & after looking in all the usual spots they have not turned up. Last place I used them was at the Holland DNR fish cleaning station. If anyone has come across a plastic tub of knives and cleaning supplies, I would love to get them back & can describe contents. Thanks!
  3. Still trying to firm up the crew, but Motion Show is in.
  4. Back yard method here as well. If you do not have the room, I have seen plenty of guys doing it at the Marina along the docks.
  5. I would prefer to have the majority of events out of Holland like we have had the last few years with maybe 1-2 events at other ports. This is just mainly for personal reasons related to the age of my kids, slipping the boat on the weekends, etc... & would not apply to everyone. I like the idea of fishing another port, but probably would not be able to pull off all the events if they were moved. The shotgun start and points system is fine either way & might be fun to mix it up a bit. We will make as many event as we can & have liked the friendly, but competitive nature of the guys in the league.
  6. We can't do this Sat. - good luck & let us know when you have the year end party:grin:
  7. Boat is finally out of storage & it looks like this tourney will be the shakedown - count us in.
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