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  1. One of my Coho from New Buffalo on the 4th had ate 11 alewife, about 5" long ea. before taking my offering...
  2. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=567&stc=1&d=1404520178 HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!! http://web.mail.comcast.net/service/home/~/?auth=co&loc=en_US&id=138001∂=2
  3. We set up shop in 180 fow and trolled out from there. Steady pickins of fat coho from flat lines, 2 fish, 125 copper, 2 fish. By far, the best rigs were the wire divers, f/f combo's going 4/7 including big fish of the day, an 11lb. laker that was released after pic's. These were best @ 139 and 159' out set on 1.5 and no ring. We stayed between 180 and 230 fow. Just an awesome day on the water with my son for the first time since losing his mother [and my wife for 30 years] back in March. So thankful to see him smile again. I'll get the pic's loaded soon. Dave
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