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  1. Biggest wave ever

    Wow - thanks for sharing Bob. Never seen that before...... can't imagine a wave twice the height of my boat length!
  2. Crash

    Wow - seems like every year we see something similar to this around us here in upstate NY at the Genny Pier heads.
  3. Mid July fishing action

    Very cool - thanks for sharing!
  4. just saying hi

    Welcome aboard Dwayne - lot of great guys here! Glad to have ya
  5. Can i get my old screen name back.

    Steve - I sent you a PM. Happy to help! Thanks - Chad
  6. Nice fish Bobr. Pic probably by Go Pro cam mounted up there. I've seen a couple boats do this, pretty nice.
  7. Advice needed in Ontario

    Welcome to GLF Kevin - lot of great guys here. Nice to have you aboard
  8. Very nice catch & report Dimitri!
  9. App issues

    Hi Ray - yes, there is an issue with the app. We are working on trying figuring out what is causing it. I'll post here once we have a solution figured out. Sorry about that; I'm having the same issue on my iPhone. Nothing displaying currently.
  10. Newbie.

    Welcome Bernie - glad to have you!
  11. Holland 5-24 am

    Very nice! Great pics