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  1. Crash

    Wow - seems like every year we see something similar to this around us here in upstate NY at the Genny Pier heads.
  2. Mid July fishing action

    Very cool - thanks for sharing!
  3. just saying hi

    Welcome aboard Dwayne - lot of great guys here! Glad to have ya
  4. Can i get my old screen name back.

    Steve - I sent you a PM. Happy to help! Thanks - Chad
  5. Nice fish Bobr. Pic probably by Go Pro cam mounted up there. I've seen a couple boats do this, pretty nice.
  6. Advice needed in Ontario

    Welcome to GLF Kevin - lot of great guys here. Nice to have you aboard
  7. Very nice catch & report Dimitri!
  8. App issues

    Hi Ray - yes, there is an issue with the app. We are working on trying figuring out what is causing it. I'll post here once we have a solution figured out. Sorry about that; I'm having the same issue on my iPhone. Nothing displaying currently.
  9. Newbie.

    Welcome Bernie - glad to have you!
  10. Holland 5-24 am

    Very nice! Great pics
  11. Slow start

    Really cool picture- nice king [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  12. Some 2016 Catches

    Wow - awesome. That is a wide range of fish right there. Nice job
  13. Old fisherman new to site

    Welcome Jim! Glad to have ya. Lot of great guys here so make yourself at home Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app