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  1. BlueEye

    Charter Captains

    Sounds good - thanks Jack
  2. BlueEye

    GLF App

    Hi guys - thanks for the headsup. I'm looking into it now. Seems like an issue only on Android phones - for the time being you can use the regular mobile site which should work fine. Thanks again for the patience. Chad
  3. BlueEye

    Kicker or no

    I was able to limp back into port at 1 mph - took over 4 hours in bad weather on the river. The issue was the main oil sensor was broken so the engine *thought I was out of oil but I wasn't. As a safety measure the engine then doesn't allow the RPMs to go high because it could damage the engine with if there really was no oil. Of course, my big 2-stroke engine doesn't like to go 1 mph for extended periods of time and about a mile out it fouled up with oil and died. I took the boat in the rest of the way on the trolling motor so I didn't need a tow that day, but I do have BoatUS (probably should have just called them from the beginning and saved myself the time).
  4. BlueEye

    Kicker or no

    I really wasn't considering one until I got stuck deep in Canada last year when big motor died. That was not a fun day and ever since then I've been thinking more about getting a kicker.
  5. BlueEye

    Kicker or no

    I'm having that same debate Jack- both for safety and for trolling. Looking at something in 15-20 hp range 4-stroke. Any good recommendations are welcome.
  6. Awesome Ed!! Nice going!
  7. BlueEye

    Hey guys

    Welcome aboard Mark - glad to have ya
  8. BlueEye

    Divers breaking?

    Chinook divers are becoming more popular recently on Lake Ontario. They are made of metal so less likely to break - they also cut through the water nicely IMO.
  9. BlueEye

    New To Site

    Welcome to GLF Troy- glad to have ya!
  10. BlueEye

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone!
  11. BlueEye

    Biggest wave ever

    Wow - thanks for sharing Bob. Never seen that before...... can't imagine a wave twice the height of my boat length!
  12. BlueEye


    Wow - seems like every year we see something similar to this around us here in upstate NY at the Genny Pier heads.