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  1. Giant! Nice fish man
  2. BlueEye

    PS 7/04 AM

    Nice fish Wyatt! Thanks for sharing and good to see you back on GLF!
  3. BlueEye

    Saugatuck 7/3 PM

    Nice report Mary Gail - welcome to GLF Lots of great guys/gals here so make yourself at home.
  4. BlueEye


    Glad to see you back kingchaser Thanks for the support - lot of great guys here.
  5. Wow - awesome day guys - congrats!
  6. Very cool Dan - thanks for sharing
  7. BlueEye

    GLF App

    Hi guys - Can you try logging into the GLF App today? I applied a patch and was wondering if it fixed the issue or not. Thank you - Chad
  8. BlueEye

    GLF App

    Hi guys - yeah there is an issue with the app currently. Our developers are working on it so I am hoping that they can get a fix to us soon. They know the issue exists. While they work on that, I would recommend just using the mobile version of the site via your phone web browser. That should work fine still. I will keep pushing them to get a fix in for the app and let you know as soon as they release an update. Thanks again guys for the headsup on this! Chad
  9. BlueEye

    Charter Captains

    Sounds good - thanks Jack
  10. BlueEye

    GLF App

    Hi guys - thanks for the headsup. I'm looking into it now. Seems like an issue only on Android phones - for the time being you can use the regular mobile site which should work fine. Thanks again for the patience. Chad
  11. BlueEye

    Kicker or no

    I was able to limp back into port at 1 mph - took over 4 hours in bad weather on the river. The issue was the main oil sensor was broken so the engine *thought I was out of oil but I wasn't. As a safety measure the engine then doesn't allow the RPMs to go high because it could damage the engine with if there really was no oil. Of course, my big 2-stroke engine doesn't like to go 1 mph for extended periods of time and about a mile out it fouled up with oil and died. I took the boat in the rest of the way on the trolling motor so I didn't need a tow that day, but I do have BoatUS (probably should have just called them from the beginning and saved myself the time).
  12. BlueEye

    Kicker or no

    I really wasn't considering one until I got stuck deep in Canada last year when big motor died. That was not a fun day and ever since then I've been thinking more about getting a kicker.
  13. BlueEye

    Kicker or no

    I'm having that same debate Jack- both for safety and for trolling. Looking at something in 15-20 hp range 4-stroke. Any good recommendations are welcome.
  14. Awesome Ed!! Nice going!