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  1. It appears the Port Sheldon buoy is back in operation. Good deal!
  2. https://www.naberstaxidermy.com/ Check it out. I know one of the guys that paints fish.
  3. Fooled me big time!!! When I first saw this post I thought the kings finally showed up. Then I realize this post was from May 23. Why comment on a post that's 2 months old?
  4. First time out this year, solo trip. Just put down my 2 riggers about 11:30. Noon got the first king. 26.6# fish. 12:30 got the second about 12#. Lost one other smaller fish. NBK down 67 feet took the big king. Mag flounder pounder took the smaller king. 140 to 150 feet of water, 60 and 67' down. The gentleman in the booth at the launch was kind enough to take my picture. Launch was kind of deserted!
  5. I'm thinking spin doctor. If it was down 105 it had to be on a down rigger, so spin doctor off a down rigger.
  6. Any perch fishermen out? I'm hopefully going next week.
  7. Thanks for that FBD. I'll be sure to check that out. The only other option would be to buy them the night before and transport them if not available on the way or in South Haven.
  8. Thanks for the information. It's a bit out of the way coming from Grand Rapids but I'll have to give it a shot.
  9. Since Pyle's closed last year, will live bait be available in South Haven this year? Just wondering...
  10. I've found the windcast at Intellicast.com is incredibly accurate. Click on the forecast tab and the dropdown menu appears. Click on winds and the Chicago region. Shows wind currents for every 3 hours a couple of days out. Very accurate in my opinion. I don't pay any attention to lake forecasts anymore. Any color other than blue on the map and the lake will be questionable. I also check the buoys before I go.
  11. First trip out this year for Lef T. Fished from 6 to 9pm from 80 to 160 and then back to 105 where we had our first release at about 8:30. About 15# king hit a Flounder Pounder mag spoon 68' down on the rigger. While fighting this fish the other rigger went and landed another king, a twin to the first one. 58' down on the rigger with a Dreamweaver Green Leopard spoon. Nothing on coppers or leadcore. 2 hits, 2 fish. Beautiful night on the water.
  12. Fished from 6 to 10 this am going 5 for 7 in 110 to 130' of water. 2 kings on 300 copper on double trouble. One on full core with green flounder pounder. One on 225 copper with wrecking ball lure. One on the rigger with mag flounder pounder 35 down. 3 kings in the teens with the biggest 18#. Two smaller kings. Perfectly flat lake this morning made it very enjoyable.
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