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  1. What a great evening on the lake. Set lines around 6pm in between thunderstorms SW of port. Trolled S, N, and E with little success in the 80 - 90 fow. Just before a strom rolled through, I decided to head west to deeper water. At 100 fow, hooked and lost a big laker on a tin can and custom fly 85 down on rigger, then hooked and lost three kings, one on 250CU with 11" paddle and custom fly, one on meat rig on wire diver out 113 set on 2, and one on a black and glow spoon 45 down on rigger. Then lost a big steelhead when the storm passed through. The smart fish was outrunning the boat, and started surfacing, and tossed the black spoon that was down 45ft in 120fow. Trolled back in to 100fow to try the W troll again, but no takers. Decided to turn and head in on a SE troll. Just as the air was setting, we caught four kings all around 100fow. First one was in the wire diver out 113 with meat rig, second one was on a 7color lead with a ProKing spoon holographic, next one came on the wire diver again, and the last one came on a generic, net craft spoon, white in both sides all glow down 45 on rigger. For a two man crew, it was complete fire drill and made for a great night.
  2. Went 4 for 5. Started in 100fow at 5pm did loops between 100 and 80. Had a hug rip on a dipsy set on two, 80 feet back with a white spin doctor and a white/glow homemade fly. Soon after caught a small laker on a tin can with a homemade green fly and spinnie. Then caught an 8lb laker on a full core with a flounder pounder glow. 10 minutes later caught a 10lb King in the same full core. Decided to leave the deep water and hit the plume just before sunset and caught a nice Coho on a 5 color with a small white glow spoon.
  3. I was wishing I had my nice camera, but the phone still turned out a good one.
  4. Late report, but I just got this site working on my phone. I 6-7lb brown in 8fow on a rapala j9 black and silver flatline off a board and one 15lb king in 30fow on a 5.5" rapala husky jerk on two color lead.
  5. I finally got into some kings recently, after numerous steel. They are still not showing up like I would expect this time of year. I'm still hopefull for improvement. I like seeing that there have been some 20+ pounders caught recently. I have started using meat rigs, which has been accountable for the few kings. I also had one hit a monkey puke spoon on a 3 color lead, which I found odd.
  6. I believe Tower Marina in Saugatuck has some available slips. I have my boat there, and I have been pleased with them. The only downside is the 3 mile idle to the lake.
  7. LOL, good response. Down south about 60 miles, they have been few and far between what we saw last year. I first thought it was the cold winter to blame, but it's mid July now, and not much improvement has happened.
  8. I've heard we aren't supposed to see the affects of the king stocking reductions until 2015, but is it just me or have they been difficult to find this year. Plus, the ones I have caught have been quite small. Thoughts?
  9. Thank you for posting a worthy fishing report. I'm not being sarcastic. Some of your other posts have been less than helpful. The point of this board is to help each other out, and I'm glad to see that happening. I have some family and friends I need to get on some fish this weekend, so I depend on good reports. I too will post reports once I get a working program.
  10. My biggest fish last year, almost 27lbs came on a 300 copper with 11" paddle and one of my custom made flies. It was hot in august last year. Not much going on it yet, just one 10lb king, but I believe it will pick up as the bigger kings show up.
  11. I used a mast the last two years on my old boat, and now that i'm using inline planers, I miss my big boards. I think i'm going to install two masts on my new boat, as I hate fighting the inline boards. I used the scotty mini releases, and they worked flawlessly. Here is a link for them at BPS. http://www.basspro.com/Scotty-Mini-PowerGrip-Plus-Release-Clips/product/10211982/?cmCat=CROSSSELL_PRODUCT
  12. FYI, the steelhead bite has been good in the 150 to 170 fow out of Holland. Which just happens to be same waters the kings are in. I hope this lasts for awhile. I caught a 10lb and an 8lb on Monday. The big one came on my downrigger 50ft down, which I found to be odd. The other was on my outside board on a 5 color lead with a carmel dolphin spoon.
  13. I also watch the rod tips on lead or copper rigs I have long lined off the side, if I'm not running divers. You can tell if the spoon has good action based on how the rod tip moves.
  14. On 5/22 just north of Saugatuck I had a nice one on in 65fow with 150 copper and a clown spoon, but he managed to shake off. That was all I could get to go. I did have pretty rookie crew with it being my wife, who hates to fish, my 4yr old, and my 4 month old. So needless to say, I only had a couple lines out.
  15. I'm in. Hoping my crew and weather holds together this time.
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