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Holland 8-19 thru 8-21

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All I can say is WOW, theres some brutes out there.

Well heres the report, I left the dock Sunday morning around 6 with my ole buddy Dennis and a couple friends from work.

We set up in 100 and went on a s.w. troll and could not get anything to go for the first 2 and a half hrs in the 90 to 120 ranges. After makeing a call to a few guys that were in the 160 to 220 range we put a lot more west into it and started takeing fish after we hit the 180 range and finished the morning at noon going 9 for a lot, 6 steelhead and 2 kings and a coho.

Monday: left the dock a little earlier,5:30, with my buddy Dennis and his wife. We planned to target big fish this day, becouse Dennis really wanted to get his wife a 20 plus king, and thats what we did.

We fished mainly 70 to 100 and ended the day 4 for 9 with all but 1 over 20 lbs ,Lauran had a REALLY hard time controleing these fish.

Tuesday evening: Well back at it for the Holland Steelheaders Tuesday Nite Fishing Leage, I ran out and set up in the exact same spot as we did monday morning with RDFishin and a good friend Jeff ,Set lines a little after 6 and pulled shortly after 9 ending the nite 14 for 16 fish another over 20. This box consisted of 1 laker, 6 coho and 7 kings.

we took fish every day over 20 lbs and 1 over 25.:D:thumb::eek:

Well heres a few pics of what worked


These are just some meat rigs I put togather


From left to right these are

  1. Mag Kato Silver Streakm
  2. Reg size Blue Baboon Silver Streak
  3. Lite Green Deva Silver Streak mag.


  1. Reg. size Green splatter Silver Streak
  2. Mag. Dbl Glow George Silver Streak


  1. Green glow frog and pickled sunshine
  2. Blue Moomoo Meat rig and white spin Dr.

And a few of the fish.


Mine was a little over 25 and hers was exactly 1 lb less.


4 fish and nearly 100 lbs


This with was a touch over 22 in the boat and when it hit the scale for the weigh in it was 21.9.

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Spoons with spots have been producing for me. 5 of 6 salmon last weekend came on stuff with spots. Lots of your flashers/spoons have spots too. Not sure if it makes a difference but it seems to be a pattern.

True for us too, especially flashers.

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