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Slob Laker in Grand Haven

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For those of you that don't know, my son Jake has been mating this summer on the boat "It Ill Do" in Grand Haven's Chinook Pier. He called me today and said they go a 30# laker. He did not have time to talk, and it has not been certified yet, but regardless it is one slob Laker.

I grabbed the shot from face Book that his friend posted, and will confirm the exact weight later.

I do not know any of the exact details other than it was on there evening trip, and he called me around 5:30 pm.


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If this does certify as 30#+, it should also qualify for a master angler award, a nice DNR patch to show off for years to come. This is the biggest Lakey I've seen in many years over here. Was that a lamphrey mark on the underbelly? And what rig, lure, and depth did he hook up at, just curious, thanks.

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This 45" laker ended up coming in at 33#+change. (this is Jake) The 14 year old boy standing on the side in the original picture was the one that caught this monster fish. Unfortunately his dad could not be on the charter trip with him due to work obligations. The kid and his family members as well as Capt. Jim were all overwhelmed by the size of the fish.

I am happy to say that the fish will be appreciated on a the boys wall, as well as a Master Anglers Certificate.

The fish will be sent to the DNR before mounting for history and background do to the clipped fin.

Congratulations to Capt. Jim Bard, Mate. Jake Janeschek, and everyone abord the

It-Il-Do, on this moster Lake Trout.


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