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  1. hey Jon it was fun to fish with ya last year out of Muskegon. Maybe able to fish Holland some this year as well. Keep up the great work. You guys are all fun to hang with and fish with!
  2. dont feel bad we fished sunday and monday picked up one each day sunday was out 220 monday was 135 both on the same setup which was a white paddle with a moonshine bloodynose fly down 100 on a rigger... fishing has slowed way down for us right now!!
  3. thats a great fish.. Mark liked it so much he posted twice lol J/K.. Nice fish
  4. we were out in the 130 range boxed a14lbs in 125 on a moonshine fly. didnt have much luck sunday or monday 1-1 both days..
  5. Hey Jon and Aaron thanks fr having me tag along I had a blast... And sorry for losing the big one at the back of the boat! He worked me to death just to lose him.. Looking forward to the next time!! You guys are great! And it was nice to put a face with some names off this site!! Thanks sniffer and everyone else that hosted the event!! Maybe next year Ill be able to attend a few more events! And another thanks to Ken (nailer) for dropping my name to Jon when he needed crew!! Again had a blast!!
  6. Dan you are a junkie!! Wow now i book marked all of those to add to my weatherunderground site. http://www.wunderground.com/wundermap/ now im turning into a junkie. i check the wave report here http://www.wunderground.com/MAR/lmm.html lol so now i have a ton more sites to watch..
  7. nice job and thanks for the report!! Dont feel bad about leaving rigger balls out there cuz we have left a few this year.
  8. plan to be out early in the morning.. thanks for the report
  9. we too had a couple with the pale white meat!! I would like to know if they are still ok to eat Jeff!
  10. great job on the fish and taking the family.. keep it up!!
  11. thanks for the info.. we were loosing them on the 4th due to the new guy he had the poles in his hand 90% of the trip and didnt really know how to handle them but it was fun. Again thanks for the info tho. Never really thought about sharping the hooks but is a good idea..
  12. Took a guy who had never fished the big lake with us on the 4th set in 85 fow north of the pier. Boxed a coho and a nice king went 2 for 8 or so. the new guy couldnt keep them on the line but did get the coho so he was all smiles and was able to take fish home with him! We changed baits so often i dont remember what all we ran.. The fish were there just couldnt keep them on the lines! 7/6 muskegon hit the water about 5am ran straight out to 80 fow set lines turning nnw by 730 we were 4 for 5. all on riggers. what worked rigger down 60 MS RV glow bloody nose- 1 coho 2 or 3 lbs 1 king 11 or 12 lbs rigger down 70 MS green flounder pounder - 1 king 11 or 12 lbs rigger down 80 MS bloody nose fly/ white flasher - 1 king 20+lbs rigger down 55 Ms blue flounder pounder- unbuttoned have had an awesome week on the lake this week!! 16 fish in 3 trips. Still having a blast learning with every trip
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