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  1. It was a great Day for the tournament but not great day for fishing I a had a stinky smell in my box
  2. That is a Pretty Fish that would be going on the wall for sure
  3. AM 8 for 12 160 to 180 FOW It Was slow but we stayed till 2:00pm The hot lure that caught most of the fish was a white E chip with a green and blue and red fly 130 down on a rigger 20 ft back from the ball. WE had a spot on the graph that every time we went through it we would hit a fish .THE speed was not right it was slow like 2.0 to 1.5 to 3.0 nothing to go buy but it was working and i could troll any why thru it and it didn't matter It was just North of P.S. we marked a bunch of bait fish that is why we keep going back. And the key is heavy balls our angle of ball was like a 30 deg angle and we were using 8lbs balls
  4. PM one for one 200 on dipsey blue and crome spin Dr with a blue meat rig in 170Fow on west to east troll
  5. AM Late start we hit the water at 7:00 2 for 3 160 to 190 FOW 1.9 to 2.5 SOG @the ball 2.5 2.8 110 down 56 degs One came on @110 down on the rigger yellow tail jay and the other came on mt dew 11" with a green fly 150 down on the rigger and a Rip on a 250 dipsey spin Dr.Meat Rig trolled south west We set lines in 150' and trolled to 190 a little 1ft chop it was building and 1:oo pm when we pulled lines. It was a good morning to get the old boat fishing the last time my Dads boat seen water was 8 years ago in Frankfort
  6. Thanks for the tips: But I don't understand the length on the fly u run Ur fly's that far from the paddles? Sunday my Wife and I went out an we started in 130 Fow and got two lines in and uv mixed veggies hit on a rigger 60 down then one rip on a dipsey 150 back and monkeypuke spoon My son wanted to run it. Then the crew got cold and i had to call it at One in the box a night at 8:00 early night
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