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sorry for the late report for 4-6 but got in clean fish, went to doctor ,then to griffins game ,the got up to go fish on sat :eek::eek::eek:

so on friday meet my goo friend john d at the launch at 7 we ran out to 160 south of holland ans set up on a 200 degree troll and started taking fish with in 10 minutes while still set lines ran riggers at 100 and 85 on with big white paddle and the other with a mag ss raptor with a ss jerry lee mini as freeslider lead in 2,5 ,7,150 copper and divers set on 3 at 150 and 140 spinney and flies in mt dew green marige fly ,lead had ss mini lady bug ,reg jerry lee ,mini gold orange chilly and can' t remember the last one we finish 18 for 21 with 15 kept at was done at 1100am best wat was 180 to 200


now for sat report is going to be a little shorter as we fish the same water

same crew as friday but added roger [no mo beggin ] to the crew and we star off great then couldn't get them to go well when check lines we found that we were dragging 2 on both riggers and on e on a 7 color that sure can shut off a spread so we were not in a searly asd every one esle but end up pulling our 22 for 26 with 20 kept


thanks for coming along to john and roger

also to my first mate ,and hockey nut son plumkrazy adam for a great week of vaction

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