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  1. what are you doing

  2. Just heard from the boyz they are fishing grand haven still getting them same depth 170 to 220
  3. My buddys are out there now and started in 120s and just made to 200 with just 1 fish sounds that same on the radio he said
  4. Yes,We are having a great season compared to last year of 2 or 3 per trip. Sound like every body is have a good season. Ray is a great addition to the body don't know how we fished without auto pilot. Hope fishing continues like this for everybody. Good luck out there and be safe.
  5. Nice work!!!!there are going to be some big boyz caught this year. caught 2 yesterday at 18lbs
  6. Fished Grand Haven last night from 4-8 went 7 for 7 best water being 200.Trolled from 150 to 220 SW troll worked the best with the currents. Riggers at 140 and 150 took 5 fish and wire divers took 2 set at 300 and 280 on 3. 6 King and 1 fat laker fish ranged from 12 to 18 lbs Rigger at 140 took 3 white spinny uv with green squid Rigger at 150 took 2 11" white flasher with pickled sunshine Wire at 280 on 3 11"big wennie clear uv with chester fly Wire at 300 on 3 clear uv flasher with blue fly
  7. Plan on hitting the water friday does not look to bad a little rain not much. Wind looks a little iffy but can't catch them if you don't go out
  8. Nice report Kevin we marked a lot of fish threw the 170s on the way out nice work.
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