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13 yr old daughters first deer!


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Jessica and I went up to manistee for the youth hunt on an invite from a friend, we were hunting over a food plot out of a new box blind , sat. mourning saw 3 does but no shots so out we go for the evening hunt around 5:00 and get in the blind ,around 6:30 (she is snoozing ):pwhen out walks this nice little 3 point buck, i woke her up and and got the gun into the window for her and she redied for the shot.The deer was munching on a couple of apples we had put down on the edge of the plot and was facing us so we got to watch him for 10 or 15 minutes (seemed like an eternity!) finnaly it turned broad side and i gave her the go ahead to shoot and pow!! he ran only 50 yrds into the woods and crashed wohoo!!:D we got out of the blind and she insisted on tracking it her self so i stepped back and let her,she found it in short order as it was double lunged with her grandmas 30-30 rifle at 95 yrds! Wow what a rush to watch her get her first deer, we prayed a thanks giving prayer over the deer and then we draged it out of the woods and up to the cabin. Here are some pics.





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Yes it is something to be able to share God's country with your kids. Both boys were in the blind so the youngest got to watch the whole thing unfold. It was a great weekend even if he would have came home empty handed. I love the woods in fall and now can't wait myself to get out bow hunting. It is my favorite time of year.

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