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  1. Any flies in use stay intact with the flasher https://www.fishusa.com/product/Dreamweaver-Flasher-File-Tackle-Box
  2. Heres my method...https://www.fishusa.com/product/Dreamweaver-Tube-File-Tackle-Box
  3. If you like your Okumas... Okuma now offers a Convector 55LS that is 6.2:1 and also a Cold Water 553LS that is 4.7:1.
  4. j plugs & cut plugs
  5. Favorite Plugs??? Whos fishing plugs? What's everyone's favorite plugs? Brand? Size? Colors? When are you fishing them? How are you fishing them?
  6. Problem is guys that you want your reels filled to full capacity. If you are using Okuma 30 series reels then you will need to put a couple hundred feet of mono (or anything) as backer plus 1000' of wire to make the spools full. uni knot or an albright knot will work for that connection.
  7. I run 12' leader on my divers. I think i get the benefits of longer leaders yet I can still net fish without the need of hand lining fish.
  8. http://www.bloodruntackle.com/
  9. Email Dreamweaver and im sure they can whip you up a bunch http://www.dreamweaverlures.com/contact-us
  10. Newly renamed Posted By Capt. Rob Westcott of Legacy Sportfishing
  11. I am excited to announce that yesterday, I purchased and brought home a new boat. She's a 1992 Penn Yan Prowler 295 soon to be renamed "The Legacy". At 31' long and 11'6" wide, she's a big and wide fishing machine. Lots of work planned over the next couple of weeks to get her ready for fishing. Words can not explain how excited I am and how how much I am looking forward in covering the deck with fish! Posted By Capt. Rob Westcott of Legacy Sportfishing
  12. 2 ways to do it... 1. tie your leader to your swivel and then attach to copper with haywire twist. 2. tie your swivel on to your copper with haywire twist. typically when you tie a palomar knot you pass the swivel through the loop... instead of that pass the opposite end through the loop. you will end up with the same out come. You may have to try it to understand what i mean. If done right your leader will never be in danger while heating your shrink tubing. Your not heating the swivel and your not covering the swivel with shrink tubing. your just trying to cover the haywire twist.
  13. BACKER COPPER LEADER -put a wrap of electrical tape around reel spool (helps prevent backing from slipping on spool) -attach backer to spool with an arbor knot -spool on desired amount of backing -tie on Spro #3 heavy swivel for backer to copper connection -Palomar knot for braid to swivel connection -if using braid as backer… burn and melt tag end to create a ball. This will protect against knot slippage -haywire twist for copper to swivel connection -3/4-1” of shrink tube to cover haywire twist -spool on desired length of copper -tie on Spro #3 heavy swivel for copper to leader connection -haywire twist for copper to swivel connection -1” of shrink tube to cover haywire twist -Palomar knot for leader to swivel connection -spool on desired length of leader -tie on Spro coast lock swivel to business end with Palomar knot
  14. Some great pictures for our friends @ Okuma Fishing USA Posted By Capt. Rob Westcott of Legacy Sportfishing