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  1. Toxic

    Ohio deer

    Havent been on here in a while. But he's now hanging on the wall.
  2. Stingers. As everyone already stated, the paint is an issue.
  3. Toxic

    Ohio deer

    This 10 point deer was taken in the Ravenna National Guard Training and Logistics Site in Ravenna Ohio. I green scored him @135 5/58 with 10 6/8 in deductions. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/4/5/6/jess_deer.jpg' alt='jess_deer.jpg'>
  4. Congrats on your first deer! And great job Dad!
  5. Do you have a picture of the mast? And would you ship to Ohio?
  6. Sorry to get back so late. The water where we were at was 72-75 FOW.
  7. We got our three tickets punched today! Went out of Conneaut to the 10/36 and trolled with the wave NNE. Speed was 2.4. Ran all dipsy program using the green circus freak and a glow in the dark frog. Circus Freak did the job today. All #1 dipsys, 3.5 outsides setting, @195-210, 2 inside setting @130-160. Downrigger set @58'-68'. All eyes were over 26" hogs with only exceptions was two @ 20". Waves weren't that bad in the morning, but the afternoon brought out some 3' breakers. All in all a great day.
  8. Hit the big pond again on Sunday. We ended up with only 9 eyes, but we had to leave early. We went north out of the harbor to 72 FOW and trolled with the waves. Outside #1 dipsy set @3.5 150 out caught most of the fish with spoons.Hot colors for spoons was MI stinger confused blonde and Ole Pete's bloody nose. Meat only caught 2, and nothing off of the wire. All the fish were hogs with one Fish Ohio.
  9. Sorry for the late report. We launched out of Geneva 4 JULY 10 @0500hrs. Headed north to 70 FOW. Set up and trolled with the wind. We ran 4 dipsys, and two wire rods. Big Dipsy #2 setting @ 125-135 #3.5 setting @150-160 all spoons, wire set at 250 back with cranks. GPS ground speed was 2.6mph. Hot color was purple. Wire only brought in two eyes. We ended up with two tickets, plus one 27" steelhead. All the eyes with the exception of one was all over 25-28" range. The fish shut down at 10:00am. We had to leave at 11:00, so it worked out for us.
  10. Ray, I headed out of Geneva Sat. I left my jets at home. Wished we had them. There not interested in dipsys yet.
  11. Good job Ray, I'l be seeing you soon on the river! If the weather holds up, we'll be going out of Geneva Sat. Good luck and be safe. Jess
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