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  1. Last 3 weeks oct 4, 11, and 18th. fished manistee river once and st joe twice. Not much to get excited about. Hooked 2 Salmon on the manistee back at the beginning of the month, and lost both. Then completely skunked not even a bite on the joe oct 11. Finally yesterday got one nice fresh hen steelhead on the joe. Probably a lot of others doing much better than me. But thats how it goes for me.
  2. Fished the BM friday. Had a hard time figuring out whether to fish high or low. Decided there were too many trailers at high bridge so I went low. First hole I set up on getting ready to run some plugs. I was tuning on one, and just got it to track perfect ,when a big king grabbed it right behind the boat. Sweet! Took me into the logs 3 times and I still managed to get him back out into the current. Big male. IDK, maybe 20 lbs? I let him go, I'm honestly not real hungry for any more salmon right now. Thought wow this is going to be a killer day. Fished the whole rest of the day till dark and only hooked one more fish. Lost it in the logs. Doh! Hind sight maybe I should have gone up river higher. I think theres more fish to be found above high bridge. I might try up there next firday. We'll see. The plugs I had the two fish on were yozurri deep divers. Chartreuse was the big male and gold with a red bill and nose. was the other fish that I didn't get to the boat. Lots of guys using skein. I did not get so much as a bump on skein. And I fished a bunch of it. Good fresh stuff too.
  3. I just read on M-live that the Dublin Store by Welston has burned down. Pretty weird, I was just there last night getting some fudge and honey bbq turkey jerky. Guess they belive the fire started around 3:30am this morning and still under investigation. Hopefully they can re build. I always make it a point to stop there whenever I'm up in the area. I love that fudge they make with the crumbled heath bar on top. Used to love the hells fire jerky they make, but my stomach can't handle it anymore.
  4. Took the boat up and fished the lower Big M friday. Had a pretty good day. Found some fish and they were pretty aggressive. Had a young male actually chase my skien while i was reeling it in. Grabbed it right next to the boat and took off. I was shocked. Seen Steelhead do that but never a Salmon. Water was 61 first thing in the morning. I fished from day break till early afternoon. It was really good first thing and slowed down after the bright sun got up in the sky. I took some brakes to let the dog run around but while I was fishing I don't think I ever went more than 30 to 45 minutes without having a fish on. Ended up 5 to the net and quite few that got away. I kept a 2 for my friend that doesn't get to fish anymore and he asked me if I could save one for him. My biggest was a hen that weighed 20lbs on the hand scale. So yeah, pretty good day I'd say. My arms are really sore so must have been a good day
  5. Just got back from fishing the piers at Frankfurt and Manistee. First trip since last winter. The water is really high. Probably everybody already knows this but this was the first time I have been on the piers since last winter. I was shocked how high it has gotten. Manistee south pier pretty difficult to fish. Couldn't reach my sweet spots. Waves coming over the pier. Had one hit on the lake side just long enough for a couple head shakes and then it was gone. Green and glo KO wobbler. Pounded the spot after that but nothing. Frankfurt was much easier to fish. Temps are right and "some" fish are there cause they showed themselves, but no bites for me. Alot of "fuzzies" in the water kept fowling my line. That was annoying. Some good guys at the manistee cleaning station set me up with some fresh skeins. Thanks guys!!! Now at least I'm ready for some fall Steelhead. My favorite time of year is almost here :)
  6. Well technically winter hasn't officially arrived yet, but I'm considering the fall season done. I went back to the lower Ausable Friday. The weather wasn't horrible, but the fishing sucked. Had one fish on for the whole day. I didn't bring my boat so probably shot myself in the foot for that. One of my favorite spots I used to fish it alot, but now the bank has caved in with a big tree in the way, and one of the property owners adjacent ran a fence all the way down into the water so no way to get around from the bank. I just know theres fish in the hole but its a boat only fishery now. Got to say, this years fall runs were pretty dismal. I suppose for Salmon it would be considered fair. I sort of thought, maybe I'm mistaken, but didn't the state cut Salmon and kept the Steelhead plants intact? Seems like there was more Salmon than Steelhead the entire fall season. From the Spring runs, Skamanias, and mix of fall runs, I just didn't get into the steelhead like I usually do. I'm kinda holding out hope that the conditions just weren't ever perfect and theres a whole bunch of Steelhead to trickle up the rivers all winter. But winter fishing is getting tough on me. I can't take it like I used to. I have a lot of circulation issues with my hands and I literally have trouble just holding my rod when it get below freezing. My hand around my thumb and index finger go numb quickly. I get clumsy and drop things. Have trouble tying knots. It's frustrating. I used to love winter. Anyway hope everyone else did better than I did this fall. I'll be back out eventually. Maybe one more time before Christmas if I can find the time between work and family stuff, and the weather isn't completely atrocious. Good luck and Happy Holidays!!!
  7. Welcome Dan, can't help you with the WI reports. MI hasn't been exactly awesome. Could be worse. Gosh would have thought Oregon would be like heaven.
  8. Saw this on mlive but all they said was the man was from WI. Thats a trip. The lake has been weird this fall. The water level is high. It only takes a little wind to wash over the breakers. Fishing the south peir at St Joe I think I could beach fish without a net out towards the end of the peir. And the south pier at manistee on the lake side I used to stand and fish from the rocks. Now I get nervous standing on the lower edge of the concrete foote. The rocks are completely submerged, and the concrete foote is covered in slimmy slippery algae. Waves regularly wash over it and is difficult to climb back up to upper level due to the algae.
  9. Made a trip to the east side yesterday. Fishing from the bank. Didn't have a lot of time to fish maybe 6 hrs at most. Went 1 for 3 on steelhead. Some bait robbers kept steeling my eggs and I never did manage to get one on long enough to see what they were. Had a few on long enough to know they were small. If I was on the west side I'd figure they were young trout but I rarely ever catch young trout on the Ausable. Kinda thinking small walleyes but who knows. At any rate it sure felt good to finally catch some steel again. It's been toooooo long! I may have a grumpy look on my face in the pic, but trust me I was extremely happy to get this fish landed. Had fresh fish for breakfast and getting ready to have some for dinner
  10. Well that settles it. I'm cursed Going to hit some different water this weekend. Hopefully I can find some place that doesn't have 30 different guides running clients every single day of the week.
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