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  1. Thought I would see if I could find any Steelhead in the Joe. But no Steel for me. Pretty much just fed the Channel Cats. They were actually a bit annoying. Did hook one King, but couldn't get the net on him. Had a couple other quick jerks but no solid hook ups. Like said though, probably 25 Channel Cats? I lost count. River is low. And in my opinion still too warm.But you never know. I took my wife here many years ago the it was last week in sept, water was low and mid 60s, she took her biggest Steelhead she's ever caught. I had it mounted, 17lbs! So you just have to go. You never know what will happen. Anyway heading north next friday. Steelheads got to show up soon!
  2. Glad you got some! The bird thing is funny. They are kinda tiny so they probably get tired out there.
  3. phishtix

    St Joe 9/12

    Yeah the nice weather is "nice" and all, but it aint helping the fishing. I see the DNR says that steelhead and a few salmon have been passing through the fish ladder at BS.
  4. Just got back from 3 days on the river. Can't say I tore them up but did ok for me. Got one nice male and a decent female. They were very fresh. Lost a few as well. River has quite a few fish but have to be patient to find the biters. They are really spread out in the lower river. Mostly hiding in the logs. More fish in the upper sections. Fresher fish in the lower. Big pods in the upper but frustrating they don't want to bite. The fun fish are in the lower sections. My dog fell overboard yesterday morning. That was a bit scary. It was heavy current and deep water. I managed to grab his collar and wrapped my other arm around under his frt legs and rolled him into the boat. Everything was soaked. He thought it was great
  5. Sounds like a decent trip. Cooler weather this past weekend has me getting the itch. Seems like its been a long hot summer!
  6. Fished the south pier at mansitee friday morning. The lake side was very cold water. The river side was surprisingly cool as well but not as cold as the lake. Fishing was so so. I hooked two very large fish myself but couldn't get them netted. Broke them off in the rocks. Friend got a really nice male. 25lbs! Boats seemed to be doing fare. Mostly getting fish from right off the end of the pier. Not gang busters but every so often they would hit fish. Wind picked up and I had to leave. Went down to Ludington and same story there. Waves coming over the piers. Did some exploring up in the river. Pere Marquette. Surprised to find a few fresh salmon in the river. But no biters. Headed down to the white river pier just to check it out. Waves were really big by this time. Guys surfing in wet suits. Water much warmer than up at Manistee. No fish seen. Pretty much no one fishing. Worked some lures but nothing hapenning. Did manage to get me some eggs from some nice boat anglers. Heading up for a trip here in a couple weeks. Looking forward to autumn!
  7. phishtix

    St. Joe 4-1-17

    Good report! I have to stay close to home right now as my daughter is about to give birth to our 2nd grandbaby. She is due any day and I have to be ready to watch my grandson when she goes into labor. Hopefully the Cohos stay in close for a couple more weeks. And don't catch them all make sure to leave me at least a couple!
  8. Wow that totally slipped my mind. Thanks for the reminder.
  9. That's a mess o fish right there. Hope it will be a good year for them. Thanks for the report.
  10. Way to start off the season. Sounds like you got a pretty good first mate there.
  11. He's a fat one. Did you happen to notice what was in his stomach?
  12. phishtix

    Luck o the Irish :)

    I went back today Didn't do as good. Hit two. One was a hog. My biggest so far this year.
  13. Luck o the Irish :) Fished St Pattys day on the Joe. Did decent. Wet and drizzly most of the day. Roads were bad coming home ran into ice. But all in all probably my best day since last Nov.
  14. phishtix

    Kazoo Field & Stream Store

    Did you happen to notice if they have bait like minnows for perch?
  15. phishtix

    MC Sports Going out of Biz?

    I'm like way out of touch. I didn't even know MC sports sold fishing equipment. Might have to pay them a visit.